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Connectix QuickCam for Windows

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No longer is your computer limited to dry text or someone else's clip art. Introducing Connectix QuickCam for Windows; the first affordable, digital video camera for Windows-based personal computers. QuickCam makes it easy for you to take your own still pictures and video movies with a Microsoft Windows or Windows 95 PC.

By simply plugging the QuickCam into the parallel port of your PC and easily installing the included Connectix QuickPict and QuickMovie software, you'll see your own images on your computer in minutes. There's no need to take apart your computer, set switches or purchase additional hardware. QuickCam even works with laptop PCs that have a parallel port.

QuickCam uses direct digital imaging to create black and white movies and still pictures. Use the images you create in the programs supplied or add your movies and pictures to thousands of other Windows applications; virtually anything that supports Windows AVI movies or standard Windows BMP or TIFF images.

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