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Connectix RAM Doubler

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Virtual memory solution from Connectix.

RAM Doubler gives you twice the memory without the expense and hassle of adding SIMMs. Installation takes about 15 seconds and one mouse click. It's worry-free right from the start. If you had 8 MBs of RAM, your Macintosh will have 16 MBs of memory available with RAM Doubler. Keep all your applications open - you'll be rid of the "Not Enough Memory" messages forever.

Connectix RAM Doubler 2 triples your memory so you can run more applications and increase your productivity. RAM Doubler 2's patent pending software technology is the easy way to increase your Mac's memory (no screwdriver required!) And Power Mac native applications require less memory with RAM Doubler 2 installed.

RAM Doubler does NOT work with a Mac Plus, SE, Classic, Portable, PowerBook 100, LC or a MAC II without a PMMU. The reason why is that these machines lack a Memory Management Unit (MMU) on the 68000 chip. Another limitation is the ROM chip in these machines. Because of various limitations of these ROMS, RAM Doubler cannot work. Therefore, even an accelerated SE with a 68030 accelerator will not work RAM Doubler because while there is an MMU in the 68030 chip, you are still using the same ROMS in the machine. If you have a Mac II, but aren't sure whether you have a PMMU installed, go to your memory control panel. If you have the option to turn on virtual memory, then you DO have a PMMU. If there is no option for virtual memory then you lack a PMMU.



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