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Connectix RAM Doubler for Windows

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RAM Doubler (tm) for Windows is software that makes your existing RAM work more efficiently. With RAM Doubler on your PC you'll get rid of "insufficient memory" messages forever. And the more applications you can run simultaneously, the more productive you'll be.

Finally you can keep your entire suite of Windows applications open simultaneously. With RAM Doubler, you'll stop wasting time launching and quitting applications. Instead, open all your applications once and move quickly between them with a single keystroke. You'll be more productive instantly. And if you were experiencing application crashes due to tight memory situations, using RAM Doubler can actually make your system more stable. You'll be more efficient and productive with RAM Doubler installed.

The more memory your PC has, the more it needs RAM Doubler. That's because adding physical memory (SIMMs) does nothing to get rid of Windows' inherent memory bottlenecks. A 4MB PC and a 32MB PC both have the same amount of memory dedicated to tracking system resources when you run Windows. RAM Doubler lets you change that.

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