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Connectix Speed Doubler

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Speed Doubler is a utility from Connectix which claimed to make some disk cache and Finder improvements along with allowing early PowerPC systems to run 68K software faster than the internal interpreter and Apple's later emulation.

Speed Doubler is the essential utility for every Power Macintosh. The Speed Doubler emulator runs all your 680x0-based software at least double the speed all the time. Every non-native application (using 680x0 instructions) processes twice as fast,* including graphics applications, spreadsheets, games and more! Even if you are running native applications, a significant portion of Power Mac System software is non-native, including File Manager. Speed Doubler doubles the speed of all non-native system instructions.

Get faster disk access for your Macintosh with Speed Doubler. Large files save quicker and databases sort in a snap! Speed Doubler keeps frequently used data in RAM where the processor has fast access to it. It's the quickest way to get the data you need. And the more memory you assign to Speed Doubler, the greater the disk speed benefit! The new Speed Doubler 2 provides faster access to removable media such as Zip and Jaz disks - up to 40% faster.

Speed Doubler 2 accelerates your Macintosh without the expense and hassle of upgrading your hardware. Installation takes just seconds and there are no adjustments to make. Get double the performance in Power Mac emulation, faster disk access on all Macs and quicker Finder functions. A Power Macintosh with Speed Doubler is usually quicker than the next faster model - a Power Mac 6100 with Speed Doubler runs faster than a stock 7100! Take your system performance to a higher level with Speed Doubler.


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