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Experience the Second Web

In the first stage of the Web, the experience was primarly hyperlinked text with limited interactivity and media types. The Second Web is all about a new generation of interactive, immersive multimedia web content. The Cosmo Player VRML 2.0 client delivers this experience cross-platform.

Fly through the galaxy or into the human anatomy. Become captivated by 3D interactive characters such as Floops or intriguing new mediums of artistic expression. Even provide your customers with new ways to investigate your products.

As a standard component of the Netscape Communicator Browser, and a plug-in for the Internet Explorer, the Cosmo Player delivers the Second Web today.

Cosmo Player Features

  • Interactive 3D worlds with VRML 2.0 for scripts, sensors and sound!
  • Constant frame rates for smooth interaction with large worlds
  • Intuitive navigation through the dashboard and viewpoints
  • 3D Spatialized audio for presence in the virtual world using Media Technology from Intel
  • Embedded audio and video to enliven the virtual world
  • High-performance visual simulation technologies
  • NEW features for BETA 3a

Supports Industry Standards as Defined

Cosmo Player supports the VRML 2.0 Specification as defined by the VRML Constortium. This means that content you create for Cosmo Player will be supported cross-platform and cross-browser according to industry standards. Cosmo Player also supports VRML 1.0 so you can still experience content authored before the interactive 3D revolution.

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