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Cyberdog 2.0 Release Notes

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Bugs Fixed for 2.0 Final

  • A couple

Bugs Fixed for 2.0 Beta 2

Mail, News and Message Editor

  • Items dont show up when dragged to message.
  • Outgoing handlers with color only will not be handled.
  • International: Receiving a EUC plain text message will cause Cyberdog to hang while indexing.
  • Two same items in the Move popup menu in Mail Trays.
  • News handlers with capital letters in criteria won't ever match message.
  • International:Japanese characters in MIME mail are displayed in default font.
  • International: EUC 2-byte characters in the My Name field are unreadable.
  • Cyberitem changes to question mark if move with line of text in Plain Text message.
  • Potential long delay when you click on menu bar.
  • Message editor doesn't use the system's highlight color for selected text.
  • No default setting for mail notification after clean install.
  • Should allow uppercase account names to be sent to POP server.
  • No icon is displayed when a sound file is drag & dropped onto the Message Editor.
  • Reply does not respect preference when both mail and newsgroup are recipients.
  • Your mail address is automatically put into the "To:" field in the reply mail.
  • International: 2-byte characters cannot be input into the letterhead name field.
  • Crash with Adobe Type Reunion installed when use Message Editor and click menus.
  • Large amounts of text in MIME block cause crash.

FTP, Gopher and Telnet

  • Show modified date.
  • Can't drag upload to folder that was just created.
  • Can't change to a directory that has a # in it.
  • Crash when dink folder closed while file in folder is being deleted.
  • Crash when drag upload to dinked empty folder.
  • Crash when close window while uploading.

Text, Picture, Sound and Movie Viewers

  • Image not being drawn on first part of server push.
  • Server push pictures do not always get displayed.
  • Embeded QTVR movies drawn over window bounds.
  • Frame rate between animated gifs is too fast.
  • Images in message editor draw into title bar when scrolled.
  • Embedded Text parts now have an ugly border.
  • Cannot navigate with cursor in VR 2.0 movie embedded into CD 2.0 container.

Notebook, Log, Infrastructure and Installer

  • Show E-mail Address Contents is available for news URLs but gives error .
  • Menus go away after dismissing cookie dialog.
  • Norton Disk Doctor complains about Cyberdog installer custom icon bits.
  • A Cyberitem icon cannot be opened if it is locked on the Finder.
  • Intertnational: Encodings grayed out in language preferences on 68k.

Web browser and HTML

  • Performance: Web scrolling slows greatly the farther down the page you go.
  • Space too large from start of page when first element is a table.
  • Right aligned animated gif are not refreshed.
  • Scroll bars sometimes do not get drawn.
  • Resizing a CyberDog browser with an Embeded VR movie causes redraw problems.
  • HTML "<a href=???</a> file references creates empty navigator window.
  • Problem with empty anchors and table cells.
  • Running dog shows up in random spots at random times in navigator window.
  • Show more cookie dialogs after "Don't show again" sleected.
  • Right aligned image is drawn outside of the table border.
  • Resizing window makes the table get out of whack - cannot return it to original size.
  • Text is not inverted when text is selected in a colored table cell.
  • Client side imagemap broken at some sites.

Features Added/Changed for 2.0 Beta 1

  • Mail Trays (Not the All Mail Tray) remembers sort and sort order
  • Added a preference for skipping the Letterhead dialog
  • Viewing HTML Messages in the Cyberdog Message editor
  • Support for the more mail AppleEvents (check the Cyberdog Scripting Dictionary for more details)
  • Preference for turning off embedded Java, plug-ins or Cyberodg parts
  • Preference for turning off animated GIFs
  • Connect-To panel saves previously entered URLs
  • Support for MPEG extension in QuickTime to display MPEG movies
  • Triple-click lines in messages to select entire line
  • Unicode support - Send and Receive mail and news and browser web pages in UTF-7 UTF-8
  • Support for Text Encoding Converter 1.1 with added encodings: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Cyrllic and Turkish
  • Inline text editing for 2-byte characters in message header fields
  • Changed MIME enclosures to be more compatible with existing email clients
  • No longer sending multiple versions of Rich text email and news articles
  • Performance Improvement: Web page formatting
  • Performance Improvement: Next Message in Cyberdog Mail
  • Performance Improvement: Opening Messages from Cyberdog Mail trays
  • Performance Improvement: New Message
  • Performance Improvement: Typing speed in Cyberdog message editor
  • Performance Improvement: Downloading mail
  • Performance Improvement: Downloading message headers in the article browser

Bugs Fixed for 2.0 Beta 1

Mail, News and Message Editor

  • Enclosures with files of the same name but different paths are no longer deleted
  • Plain text messages with enclosures sent to Emailer no longer show up as raw binhex
  • Default "Reply to Mail:" in Mail & News Setup has been changed to Author
  • Multiple UUencoded files in non-MIME messages are now parsed correctly
  • Mail Trays window redraws correctly when creating a new mail tray
  • Correct error message when using APOP on a non-APOP server
  • Can double-click any part of the message info to open a message
  • Long subject lines no longer cause problems when replying or forwarding
  • No longer crash when using LEXI 1.0.2 Alpha in the Cyberdog message editor
  • Fixed some crashing bugs in downloading mail
  • Plain text messages with enclosures sent to Eudora no longer show up as raw binhex
  • UUencoded news enclosures now decode if "begin" is on second line
  • Scrolling in the "To:" field has been fixed
  • Dragging addresses to other envelope fields moves addresses instead of copying
  • Paste As Quote now respects the Rich and Plain text settings in messages
  • Sending message after deleting recipients from the "To:" no longer sends to a newsgroup
  • Messages can now receive messages in the Chicago font
  • Icon displayed for sound file when dragged and dropped onto a new message
  • Can now read messages from a newsfeed server
  • Fixed problem where some OK buttons would be highlited with an oval
  • Enclosed .sit files in news articles do not expand in the enclosure folder anymore
  • Downloading news messages to mail trays keeps the correct header information

FTP, Gopher and Telnet

  • Downloading files with a name that already exists correctly adds extension so as not to interfere with type extenion
  • Cancelling the download of movie file no longer causes an error
  • Delete files in FTP no longer causes an error on some FTP servers
  • Special characters are now encoded in FTP
  • Refresh now works correctly in FTP and AppleTalk browser windows
  • Does not crash when dinking and undinking folders rapidly
  • Does not give System Error when quitting while downloading
  • Uploads of files with no data fork now work correctly
  • Does not crash when dinking parent directory closed after dinking child directory open
  • FTP now uses the SYST command correctly
  • Does not crash when quitting while deleting files on FTP server
  • Changed "/" to "%2f" when in folder name
  • Enter now opens items in Gopher
  • Telnet protocol now negotiate s options and suboptions
  • Telnet no longer causes error on logout
  • Fixed incorrect dialog when logging off telnet sessions

Text, Picture, Sound and Movie Viewers

  • Fixed many issuess around animated and transparent GIFs
  • GIFs now display correctly when background color is black
  • Fixed many issues around using Desktop Pattern pictures
  • Animated GIFs no longer enlarge when dragged into message editor
  • Fixed problem with web browser not displaying pictures using the >EMBED< tag
  • Fixed problem with the Text viewer truncating files on slow connections
  • DocBuilder now correctly handles embedding a URL that has an embedded QuickTime VR file
  • Warning before deleting downloaded QuickTime movies or sounds

Notebook, Log, Infrastructure and Installer

  • Addres buton now finds default notebook even when it is not opened
  • Fixed problems that would cause System Errors when opening locked notebooks
  • Fixed problem with icons for applications in notebook when launched
  • Fixed crash when importing non-Emailer files with Emailer Import feature
  • Fixed problem with Add Selection/Item to Notebook so the notebook can be saved afterwards
  • Untitled cyberitems saved to the Finder are saved correctly
  • Non-lowercase URLs now qualify as valid URLs when selected and use the Connect to Selected Address menu item
  • Fixed problems with Legalize screen causing crashes on localized systems
  • Updated ".sit" MIME type in Internet Preferences installed (only on systems that do not already have Internet Preferences installed)
  • Added ".ram" and ".mpeg" extensions to Internet Preferences installed (only on systems that do not already have Internet Preferences installed)


  • Changed browser to work with new AppleShare 5.0
  • Fixed a crash when afp volume/path URLs were used in Rapid-I buttons if loging dialog was required

Web browser and HTML

  • Stay tuned...

Features Added/Changed for 2.0 Alpha 2

  • No features we are added. No bugs were fixed. We simply removed the Holiday theme from the graphical elements.

Features Added/Changed for 2.0 Alpha 1

Web Browser Features

  1. Frames
  2. Animated gifs
  3. Client pull
  4. HTTP Cookies support (W3C and Netscape) and preferences
  5. background colors for tables
  6. Text encoding menu to select script to display page in
  7. Can now select across cells and tables faster
  8. HTML parsing speed improvements


  1. Align left/align right for images around text
  2. Named colors
  3. New HTML text elements - BIG, SMALL, SUB, SUP
  4. <BR> clear tags


  1. Don't binhex when uploading files preference


  1. Improved proxy support
  2. Cache preferences
  3. Use standard controls

Mail & News

  1. Image conversion on send
  2. Performance tuning (activating windows, opening mail trays)
  3. Status bar for opening large mail tray
  4. APOP support
  5. Small/no button support for Mail Tray windows
  6. Support binary files in news articles
  7. Display number of articles/unread articles in news article browser
  8. Display number of unread articles per thread in news article browser
  9. Attribution to author in Message Editor
  10. Spell Checker (if LEXI is installed)
  11. Next/previous article buttons in Read Messages
  12. Display "article i of n" in Read Messages for news groups
  13. Default news server moved to the list in Mail & News setup
  14. Letterhead is now a preference in Mail & News setup
  15. Default reply-to is now a preference in the Mail & News setup
  16. Prefs for reply text inclusion is now a preference in Mail & News setup
  17. News Authentication
  18. Move news articles to Mail Trays by Drag and Drop
  19. UTF-7 and UTF-8 mail support

Bugs fixed for 2.0 Alpha 1

AppleTalk Browser

  1. fixed length check in URL parsing (31 instead of 32 for AppleTalk names)
  2. improved error messages
  3. pick correct volume when 2 volumes have the same name

Mail & News

  1. Fixed moving addresses around in message editor fields (so that it no longer copies)

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