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DM2 Digital Video I/O Card

"DMediaPro DM2 and DMediaPro DM3 are Xtalk-based standard-definition and high-definition video I/O products for SGI Onyx2, SGI Tezro, SGI Onyx 3000 series, SGI Origin 2000, SGI Origin 3000 and SGI Octane2."

DM3 Digital Video I/O Card

"The DMediaPro DM3 (XT-DIGVID) board transmits and receives uncompressed high-definition video and standard-definition video in real-time. The DMediaPro DM3 board can be installed and used with the SGI Onyx 350 dual-head graphics system and the SGI Tezro visual (deskside and rackmountable) workstations. In the future, the DMediaPro DM3 board (referred to as the DM3 board throughout this guide) will also be compatible with other SGI systems."

DM5 Graphics-to-Video Output Card

DMediaPro DM5 for high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) video graphics-to-video output is designed to be used in conjunction with appropriately-equipped workstations. A VPro V12 or equivalent Infinite Performance graphics pipe with Dual Channel Display (DCD) option is required. Appears in /usr/gfx/gfxinfo as "DM5 attached to Dual Channel 1".

DM6 Digital Video I/O card

The DM6 (SD-DIGVID) is "a half-length PCI-bus ... board for real-time input and output of uncompressed SDTV signals. With the [DM6] a computer can handle 8 and 10 bit digital serial SDTV streams." The DM6 was available for both the SGI Octane and SGI Fuel, though they do not appear to be common in the aftermarket. The DM6 was an OEM product also offeres as the SDStation by DVS Digital Video Systems Gmbh, and can sometimes be found under that name on Internet auction sites.

Part numbers: 013-3745-001, 013-3745-002.


Standard definition graphics to video output listed in SGI marketing martial (Tezro datasheet) but unreferenced in techpubs.sgi,con or elsewhere.

DM8 Audio Card

The DM8 is a digital audio card called the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 in OEM form.

DM10 "Audio and Video Subsystem"

DM10 is a PCI Firewire I/O card used in the SGI Fuel, SGI Tezro, SGI Onyx 350 and other systems with PCI slots.

DM12 Audio/Video Digital I/O Card

The DM12 appears to be a digital audio/video I/O board produced by OEM DVS Digital Video Systems Gmbh and offered for SGI's Prism workstation.

From the press release: "The DVS Centaurus® SD/HD/2K video board supports the 64-bit Linux® operating system. The Centaurus board will be available as the SGI® DMediaPro™ DM12 digital media option to the Silicon Graphics Prism visualization system. DM12 will provide the professional digital media interface for up to 2K (8-bit or 10-bit) input and output, with single and dual link HD-SDI capabilities including dual-link output for RGBA (4:4:4:4) or YUVA (4:2:2:4). The DM12 card will have eight channels of digital audio, which can either be embedded or configured with HD-SDI interfaces. The DM12 board will facilitate greatly increased processing speeds, offering application developers of digital video solutions significantly more performance for their products on the Silicon Graphics Prism system."

Specialized Cables

Several of the DMediaPro cards use special cables to connect to peripherals. An example would be the LVDS cables used to connect a DM2 or DM3 to a VBOB. This section will try to capture some of the details, as these cables are becoming harder to source as years go by.


The LVDS cables used to connect these cards to a VBOB use a 26-position male-to-male Centronics "Mini D Ribbon" or MDR. They are sometimes referred to as an MDR-26. In addition to the SGI parts, 3M part number 14526-EZ5B-050-02C (0.5 meters) can be used.

Forum member canavan supplied the following pinout for these cables in this forum post:

1 <> 14
2 <> 2
3 <> 23
4 <> 22
5 <> 21
6 <> 20
7 <> 19
8 <> 18
9 <> 17
10 <> 16
11 <> 15
12 <> 26
13 <> 25
24 <> 24

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