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In case there is anyone out there doing research on military spending, here's
a list of suffixes used in budget documents to identify the Department of
Defense component responsible for the program. Generally, all the DOD 
components are listed together in the same part of the RDT&E budget in
Congressional budget documents, without naming the specific agency.

For example, using the chart below, you can identify Program Element (PE)
0303123G, "global grid communications" as a National Security Agency program.
This list was pieced together from several sources.

The uniformed services, such as the Air Force, have separate sections in the
DOD budget documents for their requests, so you can identify where their
money goes.

Suffix  DOD component
------  -------------
B       Defense Mapping Agency

C       Strategic Defense Initiative Organization [someone at DOD listed
        it this way, even though it should be Ballistic Missile Defense

D       Office of the Secretary of Defense [NRO "Special Activities" are
        funded by OSD]

E       Advanced Research Projects Agency

G       National Security Agency

H       Defense Nuclear Agency

I       Defense Support Project Office [DSPO builds and operates satellites
        used to detect missile launches]

J       Joint Chiefs of Staff

K       Defense Information Systems Agency

L       Defense Intelligence Agency

S       Defense Logistics Agency

W       Uniformed Services University

BB      Special Operations Command

LC      Central Imagery Office  [according to a Feb. 1994 CIA report,
        "The DCI and the Secretary of Defense established the CIO
         to be a centrally managed agency to serve as a focal point
         for imagery activities".]

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