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DR DOS and Stacker

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STACKER NOTE                          Stac Electronics Technical Note

Subject: DR DOS and Stacker

Tech012 - 2/20/92
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Stacker is compatible with Digital Research Dos versions 5.0 and 6.0.
However, there are some special considerations when using these
operating systems.

1. DR DOS 6 comes with its own file compression program.  This
compression program cannot be used if you choose to use Stacker.  Using
Stacker will give you better speed, better compression, a smaller
driver size, and more advanced features than the compression program
that comes with DR DOS .

2. Installing DR DOS 6 after Stacker is installed may require a special
procedure.  See Tech023 for details.

DR DOS 5 and 6:
Using DR DOS 5 or 6, if you configure Stacker to use EMS for its cache,
or if you load the Stacker device driver into upper memory, the
following message is displayed by the Stacker device driver when you
start your computer:

        "Note: In DR DOS, loading Stacker high (or using /EMS)
         may slow disk access.  Please see the Stacker README
         file for help."

This condition can be remedied using the /ND parameter on the
STACKER.COM device line in Config.sys.  Use the /ND parameter if your
hard disk controller is NOT a bus-master controller.  (If you are
unsure of  whether your disk controller is a bus-master, it probably
isn't.) If you DO use a bus-master disk controller and it does not
support virtual DMA, DO NOT use the /ND switch to increase disk

If you do not use the /ND parameter and wish to suppress the warning
message, place the /NW (no warning) parameter on the Stacker DEVICE
statement in the CONFIG.SYS file.

Under DR DOS 5,  the SSWAP option does not operate properly with
Stacker versions 1.0-1.11.  It recommended that you upgrade to version
1.12 or 2.0 in order to SSWAP the Stacker drives.