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DarkSide is a “screen saver” that displays animations to prevent static images from burning into the phosphors on your monitor. Yeah, right... and politicians were put on this planet to help people! Such an explanation might help you justify having such a silly program on your system, but the real appeal of screen savers is that they’re cool. After a user-specified period of inactivity, the screen saver kicks into action, displaying fireflies, searchlights, personalized messages, kaleidoscopes, geometric patterns, etc. until you press a key, move the mouse, or insert a disk. The version of DarkSide included in this book comes with a collection of a half-dozen “faders,” which control the animation you see on screen after a user-specified period of inactivity, and many more are available from the programmer and in the public domain. What’s more, you can even use popular After Dark modules!