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Destroying Arrivo Select v1.2

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Destroying Arrivo Select v1.2
in the manner Atti2d would


I am in hopes that this tutorial will help some newbees with their starting adventures in more complicated crackings; you know, something other than the bpx GetWindowTextA here and the bpr on the serial string and wham bam thank you winice for the string with the correct serial number.  This document is to help give some insight on the little bit more complicated methods of getting the job done.


I am not a gifted genius as some crackers are or make you believe.  So I am taking a different approach in this tutorial.  I am not just going to pick a program and say, "here this is how you crack this baby."  Instead Im going to go over most of my relevant procedures for getting a program cracked.  That mostly includes, my starting, the "wish I never did that", and intuition attempts.  There might be better ways of going about this crack, but this tutorial is primarily to show that there are no set techniques and that all methods need to be taken advantage of when cracking a program; also Im trying to show a realistic approach from an intermediate point of view, not something where I pretend that I can read a whole disassembled program and completely tell you what is going on without even running it (little exaggerated, but you get the point).


Ok you are probably wondering what program I was going to use to give a diverse example of little bit more in-depth cracking, this will be:

	Arrivo Select v1.2 for Win95

This is basically a collection of 3 plugins for photoshop 4.0, so you will also need:

	PhotoShop 4.0

Arrivo Select can be directly found at just go to the download section, which will ask for a form to be filled out.  Just put something bogus in and you are set.  But if you are like me, you might fill more comfortable with a file search of arrsel.exe.  No matter, just get the program.  And about PhotoShop 4.0, if you don't have it and don't know how to get it, then I feel sorry for you.

Now for the programs that I used for my cracking adventures:

	SoftIce 3.01,
	W32Dasm 8.9 *REG*,	(Any previous cracked ones should do)
	UltraEdit 32 4.40a,	(Need something to read with)
	RegEdit,			(Or your favorite one)
	and Explorer.		(Yes this actually came in quite handy)


First thing is first, you must look at what is going to be entailed to get this program registered and working without any annoying notices and such.  First good place to start is to install the program and then look at the help file or the text files include for info on registering the program.  So now load up arrsel.exe, glance over the license agreement just in case there is something important there.  Well, damn there isn't so Ill continue with 'yes'.  Now we are at the common Name, Company, and Serial fields, which the serial can usually be ignore with installations with demos.  Anyway, I put in all my info and leave the serial number number blank.  But what's this ugly message?

	You have entered an incorrect Serial Number ()
	Select Back and check your serial number entry.
	Arrivo Products will not function until your serial number is provided

Talk about a mean message for a demo install.  So hit ok and what's this?  It still lets me go through the rest of the install procedure.  So I do it anyhow, despite the warning.  Now it is done, so I fire up photoshop to use the plugins.  But after searching every menu option, I don't see any references to the plugins except in the About Plugins in the Help selection.  I see 3 new plugins by arrivo.  Hmm.. At least I know they installed, I guess the warning was for a reason.  Next logical step for me is to do some simple research why the serial number is needed to demo this program.  First I go to the installed directories to find any readme's or help files.  I find both.  I go ahead and read the text first.  Walla, an important clue it found, it tells me to pay for an unlock code within 15 days of demo-ing the program or it will not work.  Ok this tells me the program has protection to be defeated when I actually get it installed.  Next is to look in the help file, which I find that it give info on the serial number:

   	"Your installation serial number is located on the title page of your ArrivoSelect User Manual"

What the hell?  User Manual, this was just a demo off the net..  Screw it, Ill just load up my browser and check the web site out of info.  I go to then to the download section.  Found it!!

	"Arrivo software will run in demo-mode for 15 days. You will need a serial number which will be provided after you have completed the registration process."

The registration process is by filling out the form on the web page.  Well, Im lazy and this program is for my personal trial, so I filled the form out to get my serial number.  Ok, now after waiting for 2 hours for the serial number, it never comes.  This pisses me off to no end, while I keep thinking I could of cracked it already.  So that is just what I end up doing.  Now I have all the key info to knowing how to get this puppy cracked.  I need a serial number to install properly and an unlock code to get it working with out being hassled with time limits.


Just to let it be known, this was opening up a can of worms.

Well, usually serial numbers for installation programs are very easy to defeat so I uninstalled my earlier doings and reloaded the install program.  I got back to the menu asking for input.  This time I put in my favorite 45454545 string as the serial number.  Now I do Ctrl-D and do bpx CompareStringA to start off.  Ok, just to let you know I've notice that doing a bpx CompareStringA will usually do the trick with install compares (this is something from experience, if you didn't know about this, now you do).  Well, this was not the case.  I get that ugly incorrect notice immediately without a break.  So first thing I do now is load up w32dsm and disassemble arrsel.exe.  When that is done I search for the keyword serial.  Not Found is the reply I get.  Ok no problem, Ill just do the normal bpx GetWindowTextA in winice and see what happens.  Bam!  Looking good now.  To make this very long useless boring part short, I did the normal bpr's on every GetWindowTextA break on the serial number; I ran and traced this thing with no signs of getting anywhere.  Ugly message after ugly message was all I was getting.  I was getting to the point of calling it defeat.  But then I wasn't going let the author get the best of me, especially knowing that the install program is made by some big money hungry company, probably Microsoft.  I decide to think more about my approach instead of just jumping in head first.  Then intuition kicked in (Im sure the 6 pack of beer help too), I bet the original install program is just an exe loader for a compressed program.  It probably uncompresses and then loads up the main install program.  This really came to me after watching the "ArrivoSelect Preparing Install" status bar over and over again.  I was just about to load up file monitor to check this out, but instead I figured because of the laziness of corporate programmers that it would either uncompress in the current directory or to the windows temp directory.  Now after loading back up arrsel.exe I alt-tab to explorer and checked out the current directory to find nothing and then I go to the \win95\temp to find 2 new directories and 3 new files.  Shit I was right, Im back in the ball game.  So what do I look for now I ask myself?  Lets just explore the directories.  First I go into is the newest directory, ~exb0000 (might be different depending on systems), because I guess that is were the first place arrivo would be uncompressed (this is just a guess, not even educated).  Hmm what's this I find directory disk1 and disk2.  Now I go with the obvious disk1.  Couple of files are found in there, which looks like the normal setup for installsheild, except for the odd ball file called ArrivoInstall.dll.  It is the only thing that looks interesting.  All I can think of doing with it though is disassembling it.  And that is just what I do after I make a backup copy of all the files and directories to another area on the drive (so the install program won't delete the file on me).  Now I do a search for the keyword Serial again.  The fish took the bait on this go around. First I find

	Addr:10001770 Ord:   2 (0002h) Name: InstallIsValidSerialNumber

This is just re-insurance that Im on the right track, but I continue on with my search for the ugly message, because finding that would be easier to deal with; below are my original comments on the lines without running winince:

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"Serial"
:100018AC 6874440010              push 10004474		
:100018B1 50                      push eax

* Reference To: ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExA, Ord:00E1h
:100018B2 FF1508510010            Call dword ptr [10005108] ; Ok now I know, were are getting
:100018B8 85C0                    test eax, eax             ; serial number from registry
:100018BA 740E                    je 100018CA               ; No error continue to serial check

* Referenced by a Jump at Address 100018BA(C)
:100018CA 8B45F0                  mov eax, dword ptr [ebp-10]
:100018CD 50                      push eax

* Reference To: ADVAPI32.RegCloseKey, Ord:00C2h
:100018CE FF1500510010            Call dword ptr [10005100]
:100018D4 8D8D9CF8FFFF            lea ecx, dword ptr [ebp+FFFFF89C]
:100018DA 8D45E0                  lea eax, dword ptr [ebp-20]
:100018DD 8D55DC                  lea edx, dword ptr [ebp-24]
:100018E0 894DEC                  mov dword ptr [ebp-14], ecx
:100018E3 8D4DEC                  lea ecx, dword ptr [ebp-14]
:100018E6 51                      push ecx                  ; since I have not run winice yet	
:100018E7 50                      push eax                  ; I don't kow which refers to serial
:100018E8 52                      push edx                  ; number
:100018E9 8D8D14FFFFFF            lea ecx, dword ptr [ebp+FFFFFF14]
:100018EF 51                      push ecx
:100018F0 E8FB030000              call 10001CF0             ; best guess as being serial check
:100018F5 83C410                  add esp, 10
:100018F8 85C0                    test eax, eax             ; is true?
:100018FA 7533                    jne 1000192F			; yes, continue, if not jump
:100018FC 8D8514FFFFFF            lea eax, dword ptr [ebp+FFFFFF14]
:10001902 8D8DFCE8FFFF            lea ecx, dword ptr [ebp+FFFFE8FC]
:10001908 50                      push eax

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"You have entered an incorrect "
                                        ->"Serial Number ( %s )"
:10001909 688C430010              push 1000438C             ; ugly message, so now we know we
:1000190E 51                      push ecx                  ; want eax to equal 0
:1000190F FFD6                    call esi

Ok things are flowing smoother for now than they were earlier.  Only two good choices come to mind on how to approach this.  The first is find which push above the check routine is the fake serial number and to bpr it, or I can try stepping through the serial checking function.  Typically I choose to always go with bpr to see if there is a quick easy reference to the real serial number.  But if that doesn't work I step through to see if I can find any other relevant methods of approaching the task.  Anyways this brings up another issue.  I think because the file above is a DLL that the address reference will not be the same in softice so I just cant do a bpx 100018E6.  Instead I need to find a key reference to do a bpx on.  Ok now look above, what looks like it would be good to reference?  How about 'Reference To: ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExA, Ord:00E1h' that looks like something that shouldn't be too common and will get me right were I want to be if it works the way I hope.  Ctrl-D the sucker and put bpx ReqQueryValueExA (btw, make sure you have winice.dat set with the export for ADVAPI32.DLL).  Now we want to run the program till we are in the ArrivoInstall.dll code.  So we hit F5, then F12.  Walla!  We now should see ARRIVOINSTALL below the code window.  So this means we are were we want to be.  BTW, if you are running other programs that also use the ReqQueryValueExA then you might have to do F5, F12 several times before you get here.  You may notice that the address pointed to in winice is different than what is in winice for the DLL.  Mine says 137:013718D4 in winice and 100018D4 in disassembled text.  Maybe I have something set wrong in winice, but for now I just make a note that cross-references 137 <-> 1000.

Now I step through with F10 to get to the pushes above what I suspect is the call to the serial check routine.  I do a db ecx as my first try and what luck Im having.  There it is!  So a bpr ecx ecx+7 r is done.  Let run the sucker and see what happens next.  Well it did not take us far, we might as well just of traced into the call, anyway we end up:

* Referenced by a Jump at Address 10001D58(U)
:10001D17 83FB1E                  cmp ebx, 1E               ; Done with loop?
:10001D1A 773E                    ja 10001D5A

* Referenced by a Jump at Address 10001D4E(U)
:10001D1C 803F2D                  cmp byte ptr [edi], 2D    ; * HERE * <now read paragraph below>

:10001D3F 0FBE17                  movsx edx, byte ptr [edi] ; *SECOND*


:10001D50 8A07                    mov al, byte ptr [edi]    ; * THIRD STOP*
:10001D52 47                      inc edi
:10001D53 88441C24                mov byte ptr [esp+ebx+24], al
:10001D57 43                      inc ebx
:10001D58 EBBD                    jmp 10001D17

Ok that doesn't look to important to use so hit F5 again to see where we end up.  We end up at the second stop which seems to get the first character from the serial number.  Do F5 again, third stop does the same.  Ok F5 and we are starting the process all over again.  We are in a loop doing stuff to the whole string.  I bet this sucker only ends when the string is completely read.  So lets just F5 till we are at the last character of the string and then step from there to see what happens.  Shit I was wrong.  I should of just went with the obvious that when looping I was noticing the ebx was incrementing by 1 every time it went to next byte.  So by looking at 10001D17 which is the only compare to ebx in loop you will notice that the loop will only finish when it has read 1E (30) bytes no matter what.  But just to make things easier on me I just redid me serial to 4545454545454545454545454545454 (size of 31).  Now since 10001D1A jumps to 10001D5A when the loop is done, I will just put a bpx 1371D5A.  Ok Ill run the new serial number now after doing bd 0,1 (disabling our first 2 breaks).  Oh boy this isnt good; winice does not break and I know good and well it should.  Honostly I don't know if it is something wrong with winice or if there is some extra protection in the install program, but I found out that for the break on 1371d5a to work, I have to have to be in the code of ARRIVOINSTALL already (maybe someone else can explain why).  So I be 0 to get the first break back.  I run the serial through again; winice breaks.  I hit F12, F5 and now Im at the break I want to be.  Strange, huh?  But it works.  From here Im just going to step through to see if I notice anything interesting right off, if not Ill use the bpr again.  BTW, there is a difference between stepping and tracing.  Tracing (F8) let you go into calls and stepping (F10) does all the routines in the call and returns to the next line below call.  Tracing would be to tedious to do, so stepping is the best bet for now.

While I do this I am looking for any interesting cmp's or test's.  I do this till something catches my eye or until I get the ugly message again.  And if I get the ugly message very quickly, then I look harder; but if I have to go through a shit load of steps then I rethink my game plan, but since this dll is so small I have a good feeling that something will come up quick.  And sure enough I find some interesting cmp's.  I had to step for about 2 minutes till I got:

:10001E8B 8B4C2420                mov ecx, dword ptr [esp+20]
:10001E8F 83C410                  add esp, 10
:10001E92 394C2414                cmp dword ptr [esp+14], ecx	; * HERE *
:10001E96 751A                    jne 10001EB2
:10001E98 8B442418                mov eax, dword ptr [esp+18]
:10001E9C 3944241C                cmp dword ptr [esp+1C], eax
:10001EA0 7510                    jne 10001EB2
:10001EA2 B801000000              mov eax, 1				; You are the Man!

:10001EB1 C3                      ret

* Referenced by a Jump at Addresses 10001EA0(C)
:10001EB2 33C0                    xor eax, eax			; Something here stinks!

:10001EBE C3                      ret

Alright now I just look at ecx to see that it is equal to 45, which is then compared to [esp+14].  By doing a dd esp+14 since it is a double word I found that it is 00.  Hmmm.. I say screw it Ill just change ecx to 0 with r ecx=0 to see what happens.  Now I get a cmp with eax to [esp+1C].  This is comparing 45 (eax) to 48 (esp+1c).  Ok I got it now, ecx and eax are 2 digits taken from the bogus serial number I inputted and it compared with some calculation.  This brings a problem.  I have like 15 pairs of 45's in my serial number.  This is easy to remedy by putting totally different pairs in the serial string.  So I go back to the serial field and input 1234567890ABCDEF13467924680ACEB.  Now I go back to were I was (you should be able to do this on your own, now).  This time you will noticed with the first compare that we are comparing 34 with 08, and second cmp is 90 with A0.  You should know what this means, and that is we need to change 34 to 08 and 90 to A0 in our serial string.  Lets do that and see what happens.  Oh Yeah!  We are good!  We have obliterated the ugly message window.  Now go and load up photoshop, were you should find the arrivo options under the selection menu.  Ok lets use it.  Load up your favorite pic and start a plugin.


Well, you are probably upset now, because you cant use the plug on your favorite XXX pic, because all we get now is a different ugly message.  Saying something about the plugin was not installed properly.  Well this program looks like a decently made piece of coding, so Im willing to bet that this error message has something else to do with the serial number we have inputted.  Well, I have no clue as to what other kind of protection Im going to find, but I am willing to bet that the protection will be very similar to the one in the section above.  My reasoning for this is because greedy programmers are usually lazy.  Ok lets disassemble a plugin to find any references of install.  I used the holefiller.8bs plugin because it is smaller and will probably take less time to disassemble.  Now I search for install.  Hmm.. I find 4 references to it.  Before I check them all out Ill do a search on serial just to see if I can find that too.  What luck again I find 2.  But that still doesn't narrow it down.  Let me think about this.  How about I use the serial statement that is closes to another install reference.  That would be the first one at 1000374E.  Notice how I put some thought in trying to solve this problem before jumping in.  I learned my lesson on starting with the serial number above (remember).  This will save me lots of time instead of tracing if it works, but then again it might not.  Now Ill do the same thing I did in the last section by doing a bpx RegQueryValueExA because a reference is made 2 lines above the serial string.  Now lets rock.

* Reference To: ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExA, Ord:00E1h
:10003744 8B1D94B20210            mov ebx, dword ptr [1002B294]
:1000374A 896C2420                mov dword ptr [esp+20], ebp

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"Serial"
:1000374E 6834110210              push 10021134
:10003753 50                      push eax
:10003754 FFD3                    call ebx            ; get serial from reg

Once I set the break and run holefiller (btw, you might want to read the help file on how to use it).  It will break and then I hit F12.  Notice how the segment refers to 0226???? (might be different on yours) as disassembler text refers to 1000????.  Make a note of that for cross referencing.  Ok we want to do F12 on the breaks and make sure we end up somewhere very close to 1000374E.  If not we need to F5 then F12 till we do or get that ugly message screen.  Oh yeah, doing good, we end up right at 2263756.  That's were I want to be.  Lets do a stepping like we did on the first one and see if we get the same thing or get that bad message again.  Boy I guess the author is just getting lazy now.  This one only takes about 5 seconds to find:

:10003775 E8D6020000              call 10003A50       ; serial check
:1000377A 83C410                  add esp, 10
:1000377D 85C0                    test eax, eax
:1000377F 0F8493000000            je 10003818
:10003785 8B84242C030000          mov eax, dword ptr [esp+32C]
:1000378C 8B4C2414                mov ecx, dword ptr [esp+14]
:10003790 3BC8                    cmp ecx, eax			; * HERE *
:10003792 0F8580000000            jne 10003818
:10003798 8B842430030000          mov eax, dword ptr [esp+330]
:1000379F 8B4C2418                mov ecx, dword ptr [esp+18]
:100037A3 3BC8                    cmp ecx, eax			; another check
:100037A5 7C71                    jl 10003818

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"Good"
:100037A7 682C110210              push 1002112C
:100037AC E88FF7FFFF              call 10002F40

As you can notice ecx is being compared to eax.  So it is comparing 12 with 9F.  I have a bad feeling about this.  I bet when I change 12 to 9F that the pairs that we changed on the first part of our crack will be useless.  We will check this later.  Lets go ahead and change 12 to 9F and see what the rest does.  Oh wait, how the hell do I change the serial number?  I don't even know where it is.  My best thought is that it is either stored in a text file or in the registry.  Sure way to do this is to get a file monitoring and registry monitoring program that tracks what the plugin does.  But for me, I already know where it is with out doing that, just from experience that if the program is using the RegQueryValueExA function then it is reading something from the registry and that is most likely Serial.  BTW, if you don't know anything about registries, then learn.  That is a must for cracking.  Ok fire up trusty regedit.  I first look under HKCU/Software but didnt find any references to arrivo, I then looked under HKLM/SOFTWARE and found arrivo then I went in all the way in to find the Serial reference with my serial number as the value.  Now change it and continue on.

Lets cross our fingers and hope this change works.  Well sorry, but it wont.  And before I start stepping through again, I want to make sure that changing the 12 pair to 9F didn't mess up something with the second and fifth pair (08 and A0).  Because Im want to be sure, I go ahead and re-install the program and do the same procedures I did in the first section.  Now my serial number is 9F745678BCABCDEF13467924680ACEB.  BTW, going into call 10003A50 would of worked too, but I didn't want to take the chance and spend more time on a different routine.  But as far as I can tell it is the same.  Reason I know now is because of doing this tutorial.  Anyway, lets try to use holefiller again and see what happens.  Hell yeah!  It worked.  Should be happy, now we can actually use the program, but now what about the unlock code that we were warned about?

COMMENT: If you noticed, you might of seen that the programmer got really lazy with the serial number, probably guessed if we got this far, then there was no stopping us.  Reason I say this is because of the StringData Reference that says "Good".  There is even one that says "Bad" when it fails.  Makes you wonder.


Should be proud, the serial number is done and over with, or at least I hope.  Anyways, time to get on with the real protection that the help file mentions.  Well it is getting late and I need to wrap this article up, so let me sum this one up.  I did just about everything imaginable to try to get the registration menu to come up.  I set the time forward, backwards, sideways, etc.. Hehehe...  But really I tried using multiple files, using a large amount of different files.  I mean everything I could possible think of and I still got no menu for registering the program.  But one thing I did find was that in the disassembled plugin was:

   Import Module 006: tl32v20.dll

 Addr:80000008 hint(0008) Name: showMainDialogEx
 Addr:80000009 hint(0009) Name: trialEnvironmentOpen
 Addr:8000000A hint(000A) Name: trialEnvironmentClose
 Addr:80000002 hint(0002) Name: verifyTimeLock32

So I figured this program was protected with the worn out scheme of TimeLock.  So I went ahead and made a keygen for it just in case the day every came when I see the Purchase button.  And there is no need for me to show you how to make a keygen for it when there are plenty of well written articles on how to defeat this puppy.

Here are two thoughts that come to mind with this.  Maybe our serial number was so good that the plugins won't ever ask for an unlock code.  But I don't think that is it.  Second, this might be the reason why the author never mailed the serial number, because the author screwed up on implementing this protection.


Well this is it.. We are done with this program and remember that if you like this program and use it for more than 15 days, buy it; or else, delete it.

I enjoyed writing this article especially in hopes that it will help someone out in the future.  I tried to make something that was a little different from the rest, by trying to shine some light on cracking from a different direction.  Enjoy.

Greets to my pals...  Yall know who you are.


Here are some little things I thought of when typing this tutorial and didn't feel they fitted anywhere else, they are in no particular order:

*	Adding a monochrome card and monitor as a secondary display makes a worlds difference when used with softice.  I learn that trick long ago and have never regretted it.  And nowadays if you can actually find such a beast, Im sure it can be gotten dirt cheap or even for free.  Trust me, its worth the investment.
*	I personally do not care for patching any program that can be simply defeated by a registration numbers or such.  I know patching can save about 3/4 of the time for most programs.  But registering by patching instead of getting the registration code seems like such a desecration.  Gives me a mental picture of a self proclaimed artist putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.  Anyway, why do it half ass?  Do it right.  Just my thoughts!
*	Support the Authors!!!  This is very important.  If you like the program and use it, pay for it!  The primary reason I crack programs is to try it out just like it was shareware but in a manner without the annoyances.  Honestly the nag screens and stuff can easily be deterrents for me paying for software.  But if I use something more than 30 days and like it, then I pay for it.  Hell as bad as it sounds I even payed for Windows95.  I don't like it, but I use it day to day.
*	Please don't ask me to join any groups or do special cracks for you.  I don't mean to sound harse by that, but I get so many requests for those two.  First of all Im with a cracking group already that I love and appreciate and I don't think Ill give them up unless something majorly bad happens.  And about requests, I never mind doing them (in fact I like to), but I just never have enough time in a day.  I work and go to school full-time, have a girlfriend that requires a lot of time (which I don't mind) and I just crack on the side.  Hope this is understandable.
*	It saddens me to see programs where the author spends more time, money, and effort to develop the protection scheme like in this case.  Hell even when doing this tutorial, I found a blacklist too and no telling what else has been done.  Should understand that if a cracker wants to crack this program it will get done, especially when s/he gets pissed by not getting there legit serial number to begin with.  If more time is spent on developing the code than the protect, they might even increase there sales.  I like these plugin and all but I cant justify the cost, so after cracking them and writing this tutorial, they are being deleted.