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Diary of a seizure

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Tuesday 15 December 1998

Diary of a seizure, By NATHAN COCHRANE

Friday, September 11, is likely a day Mrs Lehmann would prefer to forget.

She says a black four-wheel drive appeared in her driveway; she didn't know that at her ex-husband's home a similar event was shaping up.

A young HCL programmer, Terry Gregory, Michael Wallin for the plaintiffs, bailiff Max Quartermain and independent legal counsel Sean Stefferson arrived on the doorstep to serve the Anton Piller order, an effort to find allegedly stolen source code to Hotline and AppWarrior.

With only three hours to go until the order expired, the troop moved into the home and started searching through personal effects and computer equipment, the Hinkleys have alleged in affidavits.

Paul Hinkley arrived after order servers had left his home empty handed.

With advice that Adam and his mother should not interfere with the search, Meg Lehmann's Macintosh containing confidential information on her year 8-10 students was pulled out of the wall and carried away as evidence.

More than 100 floppy disks, many CD-ROMs, a key to a safety deposit box and an external hard drive were hauled away during the next couple of hours. At 8:50pm, according to the affidavits and 10 minutes before the order was to expire, lawyers, programmer and bailiff left.

The next day, Saturday, Gregory spent several hours poring over the contents of the hard drive at the offices of William Abbott & Associates, representing Hotline.

It was during this time that Gregory claims to have discovered a new set of tools, PXBuild, so closely resembling the disputed AppWarrior that they must be the same. Hinkley claims in affidavits the nature of the C++ programming language, plus the way he creates new files on top of old ones, was the reason for the apparent similarity.