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Discontinued Apple Products - 06/1994

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The following products have been removed from the June 13, 1994 Apple price

A0076LL/A Apple II SuperDrive Controller Card
A0027LL/B HyperCard IIGS
M0112LL/B Apple SuperDrive
M4855LL/A PowerBook 145B 4/80
M5130LL/A PowerBook 100 Battery Recharger 
M1835LL/A PowerBook Duo Rechargeable Battery High Capacity Type II
M6775LL/A Macintosh Math Co-processor 
M2322LL/A Macintosh Quadra 610 8/160 DOS Compatible 
M2098LL/A Macintosh Quadra 610 8/230
M2099LL/B Macintosh Quadra 610 8/230 w/CD-ROM
M9028LL/B Macintosh Quadra 840AV 8/230 CPU w/CD-ROM
M2499LL/A Macintosh Quadra 950 Publishing Configuration 
M0505LL/A Macintosh Display Card DRAM Exp. Kit 
M0291LL/A Macintosh IIci 1MB Memory Exp. Kit 
M0294LL/A Macintosh IIci 4MB Parity Memory Exp. Kit
M1386LL/A Macintosh LC III Logic Board Upgrade
M1545LL/A Macintosh Classic II Logic Board Upgrade
M6052/B   Macintosh SE SuperDrive Upgrade Kit
M1330LL/A Macintosh Centris 650 Logic Board Upgrade
M0326LL/B Macintosh IIci Cache Card 
M0480LL/A Macintosh IIsi 030 Direct Slot Adapter Card 
M0375LL/B Macintosh IIfx Logic Board Upgrade
M1534LL/A Macintosh Quadra 660AV Logic Board Upgrade
M1848LL/A Macintosh Quadra 840AV Logic Board Upgrade
M0141     LaserWriter II Envelope Cassette
M0199     Macintosh Peripheral Adapter
H0123LL/A Newton MessagePad 100