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In 1995, Kevin O'Connor and Dwight Merriman developed the concept for DoubleClick in O'Connor's basement. The pair created a system to display banner ads across a network of websites and track their performance to better target internet users.

DoubleClick is in the business of making your marketing work better, by providing a broad range of technology, media, direct marketing, email, and research solutions. The list of smart tools we offer are unparalleled in our industry and help marketers and web publishers build powerful brands while generating demand, loyalty and revenue for their products and services.

We help marketers quickly identify their key target audiences; by telling you where to find those targets and how to best reach them through the most appropriate channels. We then work with you to precisely target that audience, deliver and manage your message, while always measuring the results of your marketing campaigns.

For publishers, we also help you zero in on your core audience, help you monetize your media inventory and offer you options to enhance the value of that inventory. We leverage our same industry-leading targeting and reporting technology to deliver and manage the message to your audience, and measure the results of your audience’s performance.

DoubleClick is the industry leader at leveraging technology and media expertise to create solutions that help advertisers and publishers unleash the power of the Web for branding, selling products, and building relationships with customers. Simply, we are in the business of making advertising work on the Web.

The DoubleClick Network is our flagship product, the first network on the Web that set the standard for the network model of advertising on the Internet. The DoubleClick Network is a collection of the most highly trafficked and premium branded sites on the Web (AltaVista, Dilbert, US News, Macromedia and over 60 more). This Network of sites is coupled with our proprietary DART targeting technology that allows advertisers to target their best prospects based on the most precise profiling criteria available. DoubleClick then places your ad in front of your best prospects.

Comprehensive online reporting lets advertisers know how their campaign is performing and what type of users are seeing and clicking on their ads. This high-level targeting and "real time" reporting provide a speed and efficiency not available in any other medium.

In September 1996, after repeated requests from large publishers, DoubleClick made the strategic decision to license its DART technology to sites with an established sales force. DART is not a shrink-wrapped software package, but rather a comprehensive Web-based service which allows a site (or network of sites) to manage all their ad serving and reporting functions through DoubleClick's central servers. DART provides a full-service management solution to content providers, guaranteeing the same expertise and efficiency that have made the DoubleClick Network a success. Some of our DART clients include The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, NBC, Excite Europe, Reader's Digest and Real Network's Real Audio.

This past summer, DoubleClick answered the needs of a different group of advertisers with the creation of DoubleClick Direct. DoubleClick Direct is a response-oriented Web advertising solution for direct marketers looking to reach users on a cost-per-action pricing model (cost-per-sale, cost-lead, cost-per-download, cost-per-click). Through Direct, marketers can view their campaign in "real time" as opposed to waiting months for mail-in results or phone tallies. This instantaneous reporting provides efficiency never before realized in direct marketing, and allows advertisers to modify their creative at any point during the campaign to increase effectiveness.

DoubleClick has a true global presence. With DoubleClick companies building Networks around the world, we can sell a site's traffic on a global scale to advertisers from any country. We will locate the appropriate destination for an advertiser's online marketing campaign and recommend an ideal solution that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing strategy.

DoubleClick is constantly working to develop new advertising solutions based on the response of the hundreds of advertisers we work with every day. Some of our innovations include TestIt!, ClickBoosters, Spotlight, and the powerful addition of Psychographic Targeting to our targeting abilities.