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DropStuff w/Expander Enhancer - Press Release, June 1994

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Watsonville, CA (June 16, 1994) -- Aladdin Systems announced today the
availability of a new shareware product called "DropStuff with Expander
Enhancer(tm)."  The package offers Apple Macintosh users the ability to
easily create StuffIt archives by simply dragging and dropping a file or
folder icon onto the DropStuff icon.  When used together with the new
version of Aladdin's StuffIt Expander(tm), users are able to expand every
leading Macintosh, PC, and Internet compression format including StuffIt
(.sit), Compact Pro (.cpt), AppleLink (.pkg), ZIP (.zip), ARC (.arc), gzip
(.gz), Unix Compress (.Z), UUencode (.uu), BinHex (.hqx), and MacBinary
(.bin). In addition, Power Macintosh users will be able to Stuff and
expand files at dramatically accelerated speeds. 

The System 7-only DropStuff utility will compress any file or folder up to
98% (with an average of 60%) of its original size. Files are compressed
into a StuffIt document called an archive. These archives assist saving
disk space, speeding modem or network file transfers, and making backups
easier. StuffIt is the international standard and accepted method of file
compression and archiving on all major online services (including America
Online, CompuServe, and GEnie) and thousands of bulletin board systems.

"Any Mac owner who uses a modem or does any cross-platform work will
benefit from DropStuff with Expander Enhancer. When used together with the
StuffIt Expander freeware package, virtually any compressed file found
online will be accessible. This opens up a world of information to Mac
users which would otherwise be difficult to access," says David Schargel,
president of Aladdin Systems.

The "Expander Enhancer" portion of the "DropStuff with Expander Enhancer"
package is actually a system extension called the "StuffIt Engine(tm)."
When a user installs both StuffIt Expander and DropStuff with Expander
Enhancer, the software will Stuff and expand files at accelerated speeds
on Power Macintosh computers (e.g. a sample StuffIt archive UnStuffs more
than five times faster on a Power Macintosh 6100/60 than on a Macintosh
IIci). StuffIt Expander also gains the ability to expand files compressed
on non-Macintosh platforms, such as IBM-PCs and Unix systems. StuffIt
Expander will also expand files compressed with StuffIt SpaceSaver(tm),
Aladdin's on-the-fly transparent compression software and will also join
files that were segmented with another StuffIt product, such as StuffIt

DropStuff with Expander Enhancer will also empower a large number of
third-party products with the ability of Stuffing and UnStuffing. Third
party products which support DropStuff with Expander Enhancer include many
leading networking, communications, database, and utility products.

The DropStuff with Expander Enhancer package includes a unique user's
manual called the "PictoGuide(tm)". The PictoGuide uses icons to instruct
users on how to use the software. It also contains information about how
to register the shareware software, explains what shareware and freeware
are, and more. The PictoGuide is able to be viewed by TeachText, a simple
text editor found on every Macintosh.

DropStuff with Expander Enhancer is copyrighted shareware and is expected
to ship in early July. After using DropStuff with Expander Enhancer for 15
days, users are honor-bound to send Aladdin a $30 registration fee. It is
primarily distributed through online information services, bulletin board
systems, the Internet, user groups, and freeware/shareware collections.
All Aladdin freeware and shareware software is available from the various
Aladdin online forums  including, but not limited to, the Aladdin forums
on America Online, AppleLink, and CompuServe. Members of the press, user
group ambassadors and disk librarians, and online sysops should obtain and
return a "Press/MUG/Sysop Request Form" in order to receive the software
directly from Aladdin Systems.

Founded in 1988, Aladdin Systems, Inc. is credited with creating the
compression standard for applications and communications for the Macintosh
platform. The company's product line includes StuffIt Deluxe and StuffIt
SpaceSaver, award-winning products which offer comprehensive solutions for
compression, translation, and archiving. Aladdin's developer tool, StuffIt
InstallerMaker(tm), is the installer of choice for leading software
developers, network administrators, and MIS directors. Aladdin recently
branched out into the telecommunications arena with the introduction of
SITcomm(tm), which was a finalist for the 1993 MacUser Editors' Choice
Award for Best Communications Product only three weeks after its debut.

Aladdin is one of the few remaining pioneers committed to the shareware
and freeware philosophy of software distribution and marketing. Their
commitment has helped garner millions of users worldwide. In addition,
over 1000 software developers such as Microsoft, Claris, and Apple have
licensed Aladdin's data compression and installation technology.


StuffIt, StuffIt Deluxe, StuffIt SpaceSaver, StuffIt Expander, StuffIt
Engine, StuffIt InstallerMaker, SITcomm, DropStuff with Expander Enhancer,
and PictoGuide are trademarks of Aladdin Systems, Inc. All other products
and brands are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

For more information, contact:
Aladdin Systems, Inc.
165 Westridge Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076
ph. 408/761-6200 
fax 408/761-6206
America Online/AppleLink: ALADDIN
CompuServe: 75300,1666
eWorld/GEnie: AladdinSys
Internet: [email protected]

Leonard Rosenthol                      Internet:       [email protected]
Director of Advanced Technology        AppleLink:      MACgician
Aladdin Systems, Inc.                  GEnie:          MACgician