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A dynamic language developed by Apple Computer.

Dylan, short for DYnamic LANguage, was designed by Apple's Cambridge Research Laboratory to be the next generation of programming languages.

Most languages force programmers to choose between the fast prototyping and development time of a dynamic language and the fast execution speed and low memory requirements of a more traditional static language. Dylan marries these two worlds. As a dynamic language, Dylan can be compiled incrementally, meaning that small changes in the source code can be compiled independently of the rest of the program and even be linked into a running program. Also, Dylan uses a sophisticated memory handling scheme that takes care of most of the hassles of memory management.

Apple stopped working on Dylan before its Apple Dylan Integrated Development Environment was finished. Fortunately, Apple released the unfinished product as the Dylan Technology Release. The technology release is unsupported and is not commercial release quality, but it can give you a great taste of things to come in the world of development tools. The Technology Release is a 68K application that also runs on the Power Mac in emulation, provided the Modern Memory Manager is turned off. Applications generated by Apple Dylan run fine on 68K Macs and Power Macs alike.

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