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Embedded Support Partners (ESP) is a service that calls home with data to provide assistance with support issues. Is it only really useful if the machines is under a support contract with SGI and since SGI have stopped supporting IRIX, it is now even more useless.

Extreme slow down on log in

ESP also works in conjunction with configmond, a process that checks for hardware changes. The two together can slow the machine down by exhausting swap space due to some memory leak, as per the two topics on slow downs in the see also section.

Error messages on start up


   Starting new eventmond... 
  10/10/2006 22:58:18 [849:10000] EmgrCmd Exception:>Timeout waiting response. 
  10/10/2006 22:58:18 [849:10000] EmgrCmd Failure:>emgrcommand: recvfrom failed:Error 0 
  No System change detected. 


As root user:

   chkconfig esp off

Immediate stop of the service:

    /etc/init.d/esp stop


  IRIX Patch 7111: ESP eventmond core fix.    28-Sep-2006 

Fixes memory leak.

Important Patches

IRIX Patch 7111: ESP eventmond core fix 28-Sep-2006 Requires Support Program to Access

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