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Epic Pinball

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Now you can have all the bells and whistles of real pinball on your PC. Epic Pinball, by James Schmalz, features realistically fluid ball movement, a high-quality digital sound track and ultra smooth scrolling 256-color VGA graphics. It's all here: ramps, sink, holes, kickbacks, drop targets, multiple-ball, jackpots, skill shots, and scoring rules like real pinball.

Epic Pinball has tables to suit a variety of pinball tastes. From 1950's style tables like Magic right up to the futuristic Enigma, in which targets and other suprises appear from an oozing plasma field.

Epic Pinball requires:

  • A 386 or faster IBM-compatible computer
  • 640k of RAM
  • VGA display

...and also supports:

  • Gravis Gamepad
  • Sound Blaster, SB Pro, SB 16, Pro Audio Spectrum, Gravis Ultrasound, and compatible music cards.

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