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Evergreen Technologies

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  • 1997 - Upgrade specialist Evergreen Technologies Inc, has unveiled what it claims is the first MMX upgrade for Pentium systems, using Integrated Device Technology Inc’s WinChip C6 Intel compatible chip (CI No 3,267). The company claims its BIOS upgrade technology will enable the IDT processor to be used as a direct replacement for Pentiums, regardless of the original BIOS, motherboard and voltage. The Evergreen MXPro features 64K write back cache, support for socket 5 and socket 7 and uses the company’s Flash upgrade technology and the WinChip C6. It’s compatible with 75Mhz Pentiums and higher and is available now in the US or at the end of the month in Europe priced at around $230 for a 180MHz version. Evergreen added that a 200MHz version should also be available in the next few weeks in the US.