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Extreme Pinball

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Extreme Pinball, the follow-up to the award winning Epic Pinball is being designed and published through the combined efforts of both Epic MegaGames and Electronic Arts Inc. With tons of new features, Extreme Pinball takes PC pinball to the next level!

Extreme Pinball features the rich details and rules you'd find in real arcade pinball tables plus gorgeous, super-smooth scrolling graphics and awesome sound.

Here are just some of the improvements we've made over the award winning Epic Pinball:

  • The tables and pinball rules are way more detailed
  • The game plays at double the resolution and the scrolling is silky smooth
  • More music and the music changes with gameplay events
  • A lot more sound and voice effects
  • New 2D and 3D SGI-rendered animated dotmation graphics
  • And much, much more...

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