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FWB, Inc (later FWB Software, LLC then FWB Software Inc) was a vendor of high performance computer storage solutions for the desktop digital video, graphics and pre press markets. For most of its life, the company produced products aimed at the Macintosh market, while later, they introduced some Windows compatible products. Their products included utility software, hard drives, magneto-optical drives, RAID arrays, CD-ROM drives and SCSI accelerators.

Manufacturer of Hammer mass-storage devices, FWB represents the combined initials of founder Norman Fong and two of his friends who helped put the company together back in 1984: Will McDonald and Bob Johnson.

It licensed its software to several major hard disk drive vendors including Apple, Fujitsu, MacWarehouse, Motorola, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and UMAX. [1]

The company is perhaps best known for the FWB SCSI JackHammer card for Macintosh, the FWB Hard Disk ToolKit disk management software and the FWB CD-ROM Toolkit software.


FWB was founded in 1986. It was originally headquartered in San Francisco, California. The first products sold by the company were a range of hard disks branded the "hammer drive". As of December 1987, the company was offering a 91MB internal Macintosh II hard disk, a 155MB external drive and a 300MB external drive, with 16.5ms average access time.

In 1996, FWB's hardware business was purchased by StreamLogic (formerly Micropolis Corporation). StreamLogic paid $5 million and issued common stock valued at about $7.5 million. The deal also included an investment by StreamLogic in FWB's software business. [2]

During the Mac clone era, some FWB software was bundled with UMAX and Power Computing Macintosh clones as part of a licensing deal.

StreamLogic filed for bankruptcy in 1997. After reorganization, a new company called Hammer Storage Solutions was formed. Its assets were sold in 2000 to Bell Microproducts. Bell Microproducts acquired Rorke Data, Inc at the same time.

In 1999, FWB Software was acquired by investment firm called Parallax Capital Partners, LLC. Under new ownership, FWB aquired SoftWindows for Macintosh, SoftWindows for UNIX, and RealPC from Insignia Solutions.

In 2001, FWB Software discontinued SoftWindows 98 for Mac, deciding to continue with RealPC development.

The company went through another ownership change in 2002.

In 2003, FWB Software cancelled development plans to introduce a new version of RealPC for Mac OS X. [3]

In 2004, the company announced its intention to sell the source code for Hard Disk Toolkit and CD-ROM Toolkit.

Hardware Products[edit]

Hard Disks / RAID arrays[edit]

Hammer Disk[edit]

  • Hammer 91MB Mac II Internal
  • Hammer 155MB External
  • Hammer 300MB External


  • PocketHammer 240MB
  • PocketHammer 530FMF 530MB
  • PocketHammer 1000FMF 1.0GB
  • PocketHammer 2100FMF 2.1GB

Other Drives[edit]

  • SledgeHammer 240
  • FWB Hammer Drive PE270
  • SledgeHammer 2000FMF 2.0GB
  • Hammer external enclosure
  • SledgeHammer 2000FMF
  • SledgeHammer 3500FMF PCI II
  • SledgeHammer 7000FMF PCI II
  • SledgeHammer FT array

CD-ROM Drives[edit]

  • Hammer CD-R 2X Recorder/Writer
  • Hammer CD-R 4X Recorder/Writer
  • HammerCD w/Toast (Recordable CD Drive)

DAT Drives[edit]

  • HammerDLT Blank Tape
  • HammerDAT4000
  • HammerDAT8000
  • HammerDAT48G
  • FWB 5GB DAT Drive

SCSI Accelerators[edit]

FWB SCSI JackHammer NuBus card
  • FWB SCSI JackHammer NuBus
  • FWB SCSI JackHammer PCI

Software Products[edit]

Hard Disk Partition™[edit]

Hard Disk Optimizer™[edit]

Hard Disk Recover™[edit]

Hard Disk Util™[edit]

Hard Disk ToolKit[edit]

Hard Disk ToolKit provides comprehensive disk management with support for virtually any drive. Hard Disk ToolKit formats, tunes, mounts, and encrypts any drive in one simple operation. Users can optimize a drive's performance with FWB's configure. The RAID features allow users to create high performance arrays. Event Monitor and Diagnostics ensure early waning of drive problems.

Hard Disk ToolKit•PE[edit]

Hard Disk ToolKit•PE provides easy-to-use disk management for virtually any drive. This "personal edition" version of Hard Disk ToolKit is ideal for users who want a simple disk utility to eliminate driver conflicts. Ideal for formatting, tuning, and mounting any drive in one easy step. The security feature offers password protection for confidential data.

CD-ROM ToolKit[edit]

CD-ROM ToolKit exponentially boosts CD-ROM performance withFWB's intelligent caching technology. CD-ROM ToolKit allows usersto create and save custom play-lists for MP3 tracks and audioCDs, and then hot loads the optimized cache settings "on-the-fly".Performance is improved for multimedia, database, shareware, andentertainment CDs. Users can also track and tune CD-ROM performance,and measure the results instantly.

Real PC[edit]

RealPC runs DOS games on Power Macintoshes, and by adding Windows,Windows games can be run as well. RealPC mimics an Intel Pentiumwith MMX PC - entirely in software. No additional hardware isrequired. DOS comes pre-installed, and with Sound Blaster andjoystick support users can run all their DOS games and programs.


SoftWindows 98 for Macintosh[edit]

SoftWindows 98 runs Windows 98 programs on any Power Macintosh including G3, PowerBook and iMac. It is the most affordable Windows 98 solution. It supports all Windows 95/98, Windows and DOS applications. It includes Microsoft Windows 98.

SoftWindows 95 for Power Macintosh[edit]

SoftWindows 95 runs Windows and DOS programs and games on Power Macintosh. SoftWindows 95 is the fastest software solution available for running Windows 95 applications on the Power Macintosh - and is up to 25% faster than previous versions. With the TurboStart feature, Power Macintoshes will launch Windows 95 in seconds.

SoftWindows 95 for UNIX[edit]

SoftWindows 95 runs Windows programs, such as Office, on HP, Sun or IBM workstations, eliminating the need for a second computer. SoftWindows 95 includes Microsoft Windows 95 pre-installed, which allows users to run all Microsoft Windows 95 applications on their UNIX workstations, and right alongside their existing UNIX applications.



  • SledgeHammer
  • HammerDisk (registered September 8, 1992)
  • Hammer
  • FWB
  • Hard Disk Toolkit
  • PCI SCSI Jackhammer
  • Hammer Drive
  • Hard Disk Partition
  • Hard Disk Util

Disk Gallery[edit]