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Farallon LC Comm Slot PN598, PN898 FAQ

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This FAQ applies to Farallon LC Comm Slot cards:

  • YPN598-TP - EtherMac LC Comm Slot Card for 10Base-T
  • YPN598-TN - EtherMac LC Comm Slot Card for Thinnet
  • YPN898 - EtherWave LC Comm Slot Card

Which Macintosh computers are compatible with Farallon's LC Comm Slot Cards?

The LC Comm Slot Cards are designed to connect any Macintosh LC or Performa computer with an available Type I Communications Slot. These computers include the Macintosh LC family of computers, the Macintosh 630 series or Power Macintosh 5200, 5300, and 6200 series.

The LC Comm Slot Cards are available in three versions to meet all of your networking needs: traditional 10Base-T, Thinnet, and EtherWave.

Will the LC Comm Slot card fit into the Macintosh 5400, 6360, 6400, or 6500 series?

No, these machines have a Type II Comm Slot. Farallon Comm Slot cards support the Type I Comm Slot only.

Does Farallon sell Comm Slot Type II Ethernet cards?

Farallon does not sell a Comm Slot II card. Every Macintosh that comes with a Comm Slot II interface also has at least one standard PCI interface. Farallon offers low cost, easy to use PCI cards that support all Apple and MacOS clone systems that have a PCI slot.

Is the LC Comm Slot card compatible with Open Transport?

Yes. The latest version of the Installer/Driver is Open Transport compatible.

I received the error message "Could not switch to EtherTalk due to an error. Your connection will be reset to LocalTalk." How can I get an EtherTalk connection?

The error message you are getting indicates a problem with the Ethernet driver. Make sure that you have the latest version of the LC Comm Slot Installer, v1.3. If so, then it may be corrupted and you should perform a clean installation of the driver and/ or your system software.

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