FireWire for Tezro and Octane

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I tried a 'EXSYS EX-6500E' IEEE 1394A PCI card in a Tezro and an Octane (IRIX 6.5.28) and there was no problem reading CF cards from my Nikon (1 and 2 GB) with a SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader.

I used following mount command:

mount -t dos -o partition=1,ro /dev/dsk/1394/30ff00e0012f9a/lun0vol/c4p0 /FW

Seems the TI Texas Instruments OHCI-Lynx chipset does the trick. Hinv reports the card as:

'DMediaPro DM10 FW option: unit 0, revision 1.1.0'

It also works with Octane, O2, and Fuel and I successfully used a SD to CF card adapter. The only restriction is probably to use the FW800-to-FW400 cable that comes with the SanDisk Extreme reader.

btw: without a CF card there is no /hw/rdsk/1394 directory, if the card is pulled this directory remains and it is sometimes not possible to reset the card reader resp. the firewire card so another CF card is not recognized.

Simple trick: plug the reader to another port, CF card inserted. Seems to be a IRIX bug (I do not think this is a feature) Sometimes it seems to be better to unplug the reader, enter the CF card and then connect the reader to firewire bus.

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