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First 100 Days Of Packard Bell NEC Merger Completed - 10/1996

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October 30, 1996 -- Sacramento, Calif. - Just over 100 days into one of the largest mergers in the PC industry, Packard Bell NEC, Inc. is a dominant player with products in all segments of the personal computer business, including the home and commercial markets throughout the world.

According to figures released this week from International Data Corporation, Packard Bell NEC, which includes the Packard Bell, NEC and Zenith Data Systems brands, was the second-largest PC vendor in the United States in the third quarter and third in the world during the same period. More than 700,000 computers were shipped by Packard Bell NEC in the third quarter in the U.S., and nearly a million worldwide.

"One hundred days into this merger, we have taken advantage of the synergies of combining the personal computer division of NEC outside of Japan with Packard Bell and Zenith Data Systems to create Packard Bell NEC," commented Mal Ransom, vice president of marketing for Packard Bell NEC. "We manufacture all three brands in Sacramento and are realizing substantial economies of scale. We are taking advantage of the best thinking from all three management teams to create innovative, leading-edge products that bring technology to all market segments, from the home to the office, large and small," Ransom added.

The merger has significant strategic, financial, marketing, sales and manufacturing benefits for the company and the industry. Merging NEC's computer division and Packard Bell combines extensive engineering, technological, marketing and manufacturing knowledge, while Zenith Data Systems gives Packard Bell NEC a strong presence in the government and educational markets.