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Formac ProDrive

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ProDrive 200


The Formac ProDrive System allows the safe transport and the flexible handling of your data. The widely used SyQuest technology of the ProDrive200 allows the highest possible compatibility with other users.

  • 200 MB 5,25" SyQuest technology
  • widely used standard
  • fast access
  • high transfer rate
  • high data reliability
  • ideal for transporting or archiving large amounts of data

The Formac ProDrive200 offers the highest possible compatibility by using the commonly used 5.25" SyQyest media. This compatibility is enhanced by the drive's backwards compatibility which allows data exchange with a large number of users. The ProDrive 200 can be used for backups and archiving because of its modular design and high data reliability and it can quickly access all saved data. The drive is housed in a sturdy, stackable case and is thus suitable for professional use.


  • Case : metal
  • Type : SyQuest
  • Capacity : 200 MB
  • Cache : 64 kB
  • Access time : 20 ms
  • Format / Height : 5,25" / 1,6"

ProDrive 1000

The Formac ProDrive1000 system allows the safe transport and the flexible handling of your data. With the proven reliability of the Iomega technology, the ProDrive 1000 offers high data safety and the highest possible archiving flexibility.

  • 1000 MB 3,5" Iomega technology
  • innovative standard
  • fast access time
  • high data transfer rates
  • high data safety
  • compact media
  • ideal for transport or archiving of large amounts of data

The ProDrive1000 from Formac offers innovative Iomega technology in a compact 3.5" floppy disk format. The drive has a fast access time and a high data transfer rate. Because of 1000 MB media's small size, the drive is particularly suited for the transportation of even very large amounts of data. The high data reliability makes the ProDrive1000 ideal for backup copies and archiving and allows, in contrast to many other backup solutions, quick access to the saved data.


  • Case : Metal
  • Type : Iomega
  • Capacity : 1000 MB
  • Cache : 128 kB
  • Access time : 12 ms
  • Format / Height : 3,5" / 1"
  • Transfer : 5,5 MB

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