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Formac ProLegend GA

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The ProLegend GA has been designed specifically for Macintosh models with a NUBUS slot. Its graphic processors offer an extremely high screen redraw acceleration.

  • NuBus graphic accelerator
  • very high acceleration of screen redraw
  • 3 MB VRAM, 1MB DRAM onboard
  • Font- and Pict-Cache support (with additional DRAM upgrade)
  • resolutions up to 1152 x 870 pixel at 24 Bit and 75 Hz

  BUS Databus Processor Horizonal Scan Maximum
Dot Clock
D-RAM V-RAM max. resolution
at 8 Bit
max. resolution
at 16 Bit
max. resolution
at 24 / 32 Bit

ProLegend GA

NuBus 32 Bit formac GAC 60 MHz 110 MHz opt. 3 MB 1280x960 / 70 Hz - 1152x870 / 75 Hz

Apple Timing
75 Hz
Formac Timing
80 Hz
Font-Cache Pict-Cache Quickdraw Quickdraw 3D QuickTime MPEG Hardware

ProLegend GA

Okay.gif Okay.gif Okay.gif Okay.gif Okay.gif [*] Okay.gif [*] Okay.gif [*] - - - Okay.gif

[*] with 8 MB DRAM upgrade.

For users of NuBus Macintoshes, the ProLegendGA is the right choice. A special graphic chip, developed by Formac, it allows a very high acceleration of the screen redraw. 3MB of VRAM and the additional 1MB onboard DRAM for font-, pict cache and G-World support give an additional performance enhancement. The ProLegendGA is compatible with all standard monitors and allows a resolution of up to 1152 x 870 pixels with 24 bit colour depth and 75Hz.

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