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Formac ProOpt

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Designed for users which are dealing with large amounts of sensitive data on a daily basis, the tried and tested magneto-optical storage devices ProOpt230 and ProOpt640 guarantee the highest possible data reliability. The flexible MO cartridges are also very cost effective.

  • 230 3.5" and 640 MB 5.25" MO drives
  • highest data safety
  • cheap price per MB
  • ideal backup and archiving media
  • widely used because of the cartridges small size


  • Case : metal
  • Type : Olympus
  • capacity : 230 MB
  • Cache : 256 kB
  • Access : 28 ms
  • Transfer rate : 1.7 MB/s
  • Rounds : 4200 rpm
  • Format : 3.5" / 1"


  • Case : metal
  • Type : Fujitsu
  • Capacity : 640 MB
  • Cache : 512 kB
  • Access : 35 ms
  • Transfer rate : 3.9 MB/s
  • Rounds : 3600 rpm
  • Format : 5.25" / 1"

The low initial acquisition cost of the Formac ProOpt makes it particularly attractive for new users of MO technology. It offers MO's typical features, like highest data safety and low price per MB in a compact 3.5" disk format. This makes it particularly suited to the backing up and archiving of large amounts of sensitive data. Due to its small size, it is also ideal for data transport and exchange. Like almost all removable drives from Formac, it is housed in a solid metal case which can be stacked, thus allowing a modular expansion of the whole system.

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