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;Function prototypes:
; int init_mouse(void)            returns 0 if mouse driver not installed
; void exit_mouse(void);
; void show_mouse(void);
; void hide_mouse(void);
; void set_mouse_sens(int xsens, int ysens);
; int get_mouse_event(void);      returns bits for mouse events
; int get_button_status(void);    checks if buttons currently pressed down

;MOUSEMOVE      =   1
;LEFTBPRESS     =   2



cursor	dw 0011111111111111b
	dw 0001111111111111b
	dw 0000111111111111b
	dw 0000011111111111b
	dw 0000001111111111b
	dw 0000000111111111b
	dw 0000000011111111b
	dw 0000000001111111b
	dw 0000000000111111b
	dw 0000000001111111b
	dw 0000000111111111b
	dw 0001000011111111b
	dw 1011000011111111b
	dw 1111100001111111b
	dw 1111100001111111b
	dw 1111110011111111b

	dw 0000000000000000b
	dw 0100000000000000b
	dw 0110000000000000b
	dw 0111000000000000b
	dw 0111100000000000b
	dw 0111110000000000b
	dw 0111111000000000b
	dw 0111111100000000b
	dw 0111111110000000b
	dw 0111111100000000b
	dw 0111110000000000b
	dw 0100011000000000b
	dw 0000011000000000b
	dw 0000001100000000b
	dw 0000001100000000b
	dw 0000000000000000b

	PUBLIC _mousex
	PUBLIC _mousey
	_mousex dw ?
	_mousey dw ?

	event_flags dw ?
	mousefreeze db ?


	PUBLIC _init_mouse
	PUBLIC _exit_mouse
	PUBLIC _get_mouse_event
	PUBLIC _get_button_status
	PUBLIC _set_mouse_sens
	PUBLIC _show_mouse
	PUBLIC _hide_mouse

mousehandler PROC FAR

	push 	ax
	push 	cx
	push 	dx
	push 	ds

	push	@data
	pop	ds

	cmp 	byte ptr mousefreeze, 1
	jz  	exit_handler

	mov 	_mousex, cx                   ;update mouse coordinates
	mov 	_mousey, dx

	mov 	cx, 0

	test	ax, 1
	jz 	not_moved
	or 	cx, 1

	test	ax, 2                          ;Check LeftButton pressed
	jz   	not_leftbpress
	or   	cx, 2

	test 	ax, 4                          ;Check Left button released
	jz 	not_leftbrel
	or 	cx, 4

	test	ax, 8                          ;Check right button pressed
	jz 	not_rightbpress
	or 	cx, 8

	test 	ax, 16                         ;Check right button released
	jz 	exit_handler
	or 	cx, 16

	mov 	event_flags, cx

	pop 	ds
	pop 	dx
	pop 	cx
	pop 	ax

mousehandler ENDP

_init_mouse PROC

	mov 	ax,0         			;Mouse driver function 0 -- reset and detect
	int 	33h
	cmp 	ax, 0
	jz 	no_driver_installed

	mov 	mousefreeze,1  		; Freeze handler until installation completed

	mov 	dx, 639      			;Pixels horizontally
	mov 	ax, 7         			;mouse driver function 7 -- set max x range
	mov 	cx, 0         			;Minimum range
	int 	33h

	mov 	dx, 479      			;Pixels vertically
	mov 	ax, 8         			;mouse driver function 8 -- set max y range
	mov 	cx, 0        			;Minimum range
	int 	33h

; Now install user routine

	mov 	ax, _TEXT
	mov 	es, ax
	mov 	dx, OFFSET mousehandler
	mov 	cx, 31          		;bits for calling routine
	mov 	ax, 12          		;Function 12 -- set user routine
	int 	33h

	mov 	cx, 0           		;xcoord
	mov 	dx, 0           		;ycoord
	mov 	ax, 4         			;mouse driver function 4 -- set mouse position
	int 	33h

	mov	ax, 9				;Define cursor shape
	mov	bx, 0
	mov	cx, 0
	push	@data
	pop	es
	mov	dx, OFFSET cursor
	int	33h

	mov 	mousefreeze, 0       ;Now the handler can start its work
	mov 	ax, 1


_init_mouse ENDP

_exit_mouse PROC

	mov 	ax, 0
	int 	33h

_exit_mouse ENDP

_show_mouse PROC

	mov	ax, 1
	int	33h

_show_mouse ENDP

_hide_mouse PROC

	mov	ax, 2
	int	33h

_hide_mouse ENDP

_set_mouse_sens PROC

	push	bp
	mov	bp, sp

	mov	ax, 0fh
	mov	cx, [bp+4]
	mov	dx, [bp+6]
	int	33h

	mov	ax, 13h
	mov	dx, [bp+8]
	int	33h

	pop   bp

_set_mouse_sens ENDP

_get_mouse_event PROC

	mov 	ax,event_flags
	mov 	event_flags,0

_get_mouse_event ENDP

_get_button_status PROC

	mov 	ax, 3
	int 	33h
	mov 	ax, bx

_get_button_status ENDP