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Gadzoox Microsystems

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Gadzoox Microsystems, Inc. is an industry leader in gigabit-speed Fibre Channel products for the open SAN market. The company develops a complete line of SAN connectivity products including hubs, bridges and switches. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Gadzoox is privately held and markets its products to system integrators, VARs and OEMs.

Gadzoox Microsystems, Inc. produces high availability gigabit connectivity solutions for bandwidth intensive networking, computing and storage applications. Gadzoox applies expertise in gigabit network timing and synchronization, reliable transport protocol, and network management to the development of high-performance, innovative Fibre Channel hub products. Gadzoox hubs leverage the robustness of Fibre Channel's low-cost, 1.0625 Gigabit/sec Arbitrated Loop technology to eliminate server and data bottlenecks and ensure high availability and ease of managability in our customers' mission critical networks.


  • FCL1063TW - A nine port, gigabaud speed Fibre Channel SAN hub. Features include: dynamic configuration, automatic bypass and active port electronics.
  • Gibraltar Managed Hub Family - A family of managed Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop hubs that integrates SNMP-based network management, high availability and fault tolerant features, along with Gadzoox’ advanced port electronics to offer a robust SAN solution for non-stop, enterprise networking. The ten port hubs are available for either copper or fiber optic connectivity. The companion Ventana management application provides an intuitive, graphical user interface for easy monitoring and control of hub ports. The Gibraltar family also features Gadzoox' proprietary FlexComm out-of-band management communication system which allows the hub to maintain management visibility and control even over downed links.

Corporate Milestones and Highlights

  • Founded in 1992.
  • First intelligent SAN hub shipped in January 1996.
  • Received $8M in secondary funding in November 1996.
  • First managed hub shipped in February 1997.
  • In February 1997, announced strategic partnership with Seagate Technology, Interphase Corporation and W.L.Gore Associates to market Fibre Channel SAN Starter Kit.
  • The Company currently employs 34 people.

Gigabit Fibre Channel Networking

Fibre Channel's 1.0625 Gigabit per second connectivity is driving a revolution in data access. Current client-server architectures (shown in Figure 3) with segregated I/O and networking traffic, are giving way to the high performance Fibre Channel network (shown in Figures 1 and 2). This next generation networking architecture provides a five fold increase in I/O bandwidth and a one-hundred fold increase in network bandwidth over the segmented I/O-LAN solution. In addition to raw performance, the Fibre Channel network offers unlimited scalability, increased manageability and support for high availability and disaster recovery topologies.

Legacy I/O LAN networks use fast wide SCSI lines to move I/O traffic at up to 20 MBytes/sec and separate Ethernet, FDDI or ATM lines to move networking traffic at a maximum of only 1 MByte/sec. Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop technology, with its Gigabit bandwidth and ability to map both SCSI and IP protocols, merges this separate I/O and networking traffic onto a single Gigabit speed server-storage network, extending the fully interconnected properties of a network to the domain of the server and disk drive. This facilitates direct access between multiple servers and storage devices over a single connectivity technology with up to 100 MByte/sec throughput (200 MByte/sec duplex.)

Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop is an attractive networking solution for today's data intensive work group applications such as animation, visualization, video editing, digital pre-press and imaging database networks. In these environments, the gigabit network can be extended directly to the desktop, providing sufficient bandwidth for users to access, share and backup large files across the network. Because Fibre Channel maps a number of common protocols including IP, SCSI, HIPPI and ATM, it leverages existing network investments.

Fibre Channel Hub Solution

Compart6.gif Figure 1

Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop Solution

Net100m2.gif Figure 2

Legacy Solution

Net10m2.gif Figure 3