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Gainward CARDEX Dragon 1000

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  • 3Dfx VooDoo Base 3D Accelerator
  • Arcade class dedicated 3D accelerator delivery live real quality in real-time.
  • Drop free 3D-feature playback with full motion frame rate.
  • Compatible to all the existing video graphics boards.
  • Windows 95 Direct3D all features fully support
  • Up to 45 million pixels per second fill rate.
  • Up to 2 million triangles rendered per second.


  • 3Dfx Interactive VooDoo Graphics
  • PCI 2.1 Compliant
  • 4MB EDO DRAM, 2MB Frame Buffer for additional resolution and Z-buffer, 2MB for Texture Memory
  • Horizontal Sync Signals: 31.5KHz - 81.5KHz
  • Vertical Refresh: 43.5Hz - 120Hz
  • Maximum Dot Clock Rate: 135MHz Standard
  • Connectors: DB-15 with DDC support, VGA DB-15 pass through connector

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