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Gainward CARDEX Genesis /V Pro

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  • S3 Vision968 64bits VRAM graphic accelerator
  • Support multimedia accelerator
  • High performance 64 bit DAC support
  • Designed for 486 or Pentium PCI system
  • High resolution 1600*1200 in 64K color, 60Hz (non-interlaced)
  • Display up to 32K/64K/16.7M colors
  • 2MB or 4MB display memory
  • Flicker-free high refresh rate 75Hz
  • 132 column Text Mode
  • Full IBM VGA compatible
  • Legal BIOS support
  • Enhanced drivers for most popular software applications
  • Support VESA standard feature connector
  • BIOS support VESA SVGA mode and VBE/PM
  • Software MPEG supported (optional)
  • Support DCI compliant Windows drivers
  • Green PC support



  • 640*480 pixels, 16.7M colors (75Hz, non-interlaced)
  • 800*600 pixels, 16.7M colors (75Hz, non-interlaced)
  • 1024*768 pixels, 64K colors (75Hz, non-interlaced)
  • 1280*1024 pixels, 256 colors (75Hz, non-interlaced)
  • 1600*1200 pixels, 256 colors (60Hz, non-interlaced)


  • 1280*1024 pixels, 16.7M colors (75Hz, non-interlaced)
  • 1024*768 pixels, 16.7M colors (75Hz, non-interlaced)
  • 1280*1024 pixels, 64K colors (75Hz, non-interlaced)
  • 1600*1200 pixels, 64K colors (60Hz, non-interlaced)

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