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Shareware program by Thorsten Lemke that converts edits graphics files in a wide variety of formats. Especially useful in preparing or converting files for presentation on the World Wide Web, the graphical part of the Internet.

Installation is simple: downloading GraphicConverter from the Internet creates a preferences file in your System Folder. Double-click the program to launch it.

To convert a file, simply choose “Open” from the “File” and navigate to the document. Choose “Save as” from the “File” menu. Choose a new graphics format from the “Format” pull-down menu in the right half of the “Save as” window that opens on-screen.

After converting a file you can check a box in the “Save as” window to automatically compress that file with the shareware application StuffIt, if you already have StuffIt installed on your Mac.

GraphicConverter saves GIF files as GIF89 format, which allows transparent images and Multipart GIF animation. It also has a “Slide Show” feature, which plays all the image files in a designated folder, one after another.

Recent versions of GraphicConverter are accelerated for the PowerMac. The program requires a Mac with color QuickDraw, System 7 and at least 2MB of memory.