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Gravis MIDI Adapter

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Do you dream of tickling the ivories? Wish you could stage a personal concerto? Then try out the Gravis MIDI Adapter, and begin composing beautiful music on your computer.

The Gravis MIDI Adapter makes it easy to connect external MIDI devices including keyboard synthesizers and drum machines. The Gravis MIDI adapter has been designed to work with virtually every PC sound card.

Gravis MIDI Adapter features

  • Standard MIDI connectors for MIDI IN, OUT and THRU
  • Activity indicator LED's for MIDI IN and OUT
  • Two 15 pin joystick connectors
  • 4 foot (1.2 M) cable for easy access
  • Bonus 6 foot (1.8 M) MIDI cable

The Gravis MIDI Adapter is covered by our 1 year "No-Nonsense" Warranty. With its low suggested retail price, durable construction and superior workman-ship, the Gravis MIDI Adapter will let you compose music even your mother would love!

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