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Gravis Mac GamePad

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Having problems conquering the evil magician? Can't climb out of the scoring cellar in your favorite shoot-em up? Then hitch a ride with the Mac GamePad from Advanced Gravis, designed for use with action arcade games. The Mac GamePad is a unique combination joystick and multi-directional Nintendo-style controller for Macintosh. In fact, it is the most popular control pad available for Macintosh computers.

Mac GamePad features:

  • Removable joystick handle
  • 4 programmable buttons including single-shot and turbo-fire
  • Right or left-handed control
  • An "Application Aware" feature that loads the correct settings automatically for your favorite games

Mac GamePad users can create an unlimited number of custom game settings or simply choose GamePad settings that are included for many of today's most popular action arcade games. And the buttons can be set independently to replace traditional mouse clicks or keyboard commands!

The Mac GamePad enhances the "arcade feel" of your games. The control pad helps to speed your reaction time and improves coordination. In fact, the Mac GamePad practically guarantees significantly higher scores!

The Mac GamePad is covered by a 1 Year No-Nonsense Warranty. With its low suggested retail price, durable construction and superior workmanship, find out why the Mac GamePad is the coolest thing to happen since 4M SIMMs!

Compatible with all Macintosh, Powerbook, and Power Mac models with an ADB port.


How do I get my GamePad to play with a game?

Before the GamePad can control a game there are a few things that must be set up.

The first thing you need to know is what controls the game uses and what options there are to you for changing those controls. Some games play best with the keyboard, others with the mouse. Games that play best with the mouse can use the mouse differently. Keyboard games use different combinations of keys for control. It's this diversity that makes the GamePad perfect for your game control needs because you can tell the GamePad exactly what you want it to do.

Starting the GamePad Software:

The GamePad's control panel is activated by pulling down on your Apple menu (top left corner of your monitor) and releasing on Control Panels. Locate the GamePad's control panel and double click on it. It may be easier to find if you select View from your menu bar and choose By Name.

Configuring the GamePad:

The GamePad control panel is used to configure the pad to perform either keyboard or mouse commands. The action of dragging a set out of the Sets List (under where it says "Drag a set...") and releasing it on top of the picture of the GamePad reprograms the way the GamePad behaves according to the instructions in that set.

The menu under the Edit button is used to create new control sets. It's also used to make modifications to sets that already exist. Remember, if you are modifying an existing set, it must be highlighted on the Sets List first. You will be performing modifications to whatever set is highlighted. Your manual includes more details on how to use this control panel. Note that since version 3.3, the manual has been electronic. It is located in a GamePad folder on your hard drive. Reinstall your disk if you do not have the correct folder.

When you are creating your own control set you'll need to know what your game controls are. Play the game for a while from your keyboard or mouse. Make notes on which keys you use most and would like to have available on your GamePad's buttons.

The two basic control styles for the mouse are known as Glide mode and Centering mode. Glide mode is when you have to continually lift the mouse and "stroke" to the direction in which you want to move. Centering mode is when you never lift the mouse and need to return it to a single location to obtain the desired control. Both of these control styles are possible on the GamePad.

More information is available in your manual regarding setting up the GamePad's pad controls.

How do I properly connect my GamePad?

Connect your Mac GamePad to one of your computer's ADB connectors.

Recommended: CPU --> Keyboard --> GamePad --> Mouse Optional: CPU --> GamePad --> Keyboard --> Mouse

Note: The cable on the GamePad has a plug on its connector for inserting into your computer's ADB socket and a socket for connecting another ADB device (such as a mouse or keyboard).

Some keyboards have an ADB port in the middle of the back of the keyboard. If you have this type of keyboard and have a GamePad with the double-ended plug (rather than the Y-extender cable), you will have to connect your GamePad at the back of the computer or use an ADB extension cable.


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