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(document is here for historical purposes... no longer valid)

Yes, Compuservers, AOLers, NETCOMmers, it is time for you to finally be able to create your own web page on the Internet. And, as an added bonus, we'll also give you your very own Email box, that actually has your own name in it! Tired of having your Email address as 72113,[email protected] or [email protected]? How about [email protected]? All the Email coming to this address will simply forward to your exisiting Email box that you already have.

Finally - How much does it cost?

For the next 60 days, starting 9/15/95, we have a special introductory offer: a one time setup fee of $8.95, and a monthly fee of $8.00! Or, if you prefer, we'll set you up for an entire year for $60.00 prepaid. Remember, you'll get a free email box along with it, with your choice of username. This will give you 1MB of web space, which amounts to space for about 67 web pages, averaging a couple of pictures and a few paragraphs of text. Need more? We'll charge you an additional $5.00 a month per MB, if you need it.

How do I get my web pages there?

Well, we'll set you up with an FTP login, so all you have to do is gather your Images and HTML files and upload them into your directory - simple! Your URL for access your web pages will be Want your own domain name? Well, you can step up to our $50 a month account with setup of $75, which includes your own domain name and 10MB of web space.

Great - will my web pages be slow to download?

Not at all! Our server - your web pages - are directly on a T1 line, which in turn is hooked into the high speed T3 backbone. No cheap leased lines here!

Ok, how do I get started?

Just send me an Email to [email protected](filtered old url), with your chosen email userid (which will be your directory for the web pages as well), and we'll get you up and running within 24 hours! Or just Email us if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you soon!!