HL File Blacklist 12-06-1997

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The Hotline File Blacklist December 6th, 1997
(distributed as "HL File Blacklist 97-12-06"

About this file: this is a list of files appearing on Hotline sites which are known to be bogus, trojans, virus-infected, or are generally hazardous to your hard drive's health.

The intent of this file is to alert sysadmins to new bogus files, and to assist in the eradication of older files that get resurrected or remain in archives.  Files seen in this list should be deleted immediately.

Entries should consist of the filename's full title along with as much "Get Info" information as possible.  I unfortunately don't have any of these actual files - I'm going entirely by memory.  Thus, this list is pretty short for the moment.

I'm starting this file off in the hopes that the idea will catch on and become a sustained effort.  I give permission to others to add their own entries, add to my own and other entries with new or additional information, and require that this file be distributed as widely as possible.  Just make sure to put the full date in the filename so people can figure out which one is most recent in their area.  Obviously, that could get messy - some areas getting info that others don't.  If someone wants to create a server specifically as a central depot for this effort, go for it!  I wish I were able to.


Silverlining 6.0.1
(no Get Info)
This file is certainly bogus, as the latest version released by La Cie at this writing is 5.8.1 (you can find updaters for just about any previous version of Silverlining at www.lacie.com).  The bogus 6.0.1 is probably just some older version with the version numbers hacked, but considering that this is a drive formatter application, some extreme mischief is possible here.  Do not attempt to run it!

(no Get Info)
I seem to remember there being 603 and 604 versions of this bogus library.  Claimed to speed things up, but they actually did nothing.

I need help remembering which of these "Doubler" files were bogus and which weren't: "ClockDoubler", "Hotline Doubler" and "Modem Doubler".

Stuffit Deluxe 4.5
(no Get Info)
I think I must have seen a dozen bogus Stuffit 4.5 uploads, all with different titles but turning out to be 4.5d2.  I also seem to recall that the earliest "4.5 beta" uploads were even trojans.  The only way to be really sure that you're downloading the genuine 4.5 is to get the CD image.  Admins should delete all others for the sake of simplicity and to clear out all the bogus crap.

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