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HX Command Guide

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HX Command Guide (not even close to being done)

This command's basic function is to post to the chat a message letting everyone know why you have parted and to send a small amount of information to the server letting it know that you have parted so it can have your nickname in the server userlist set to a color of 1 (gray). On servers not running on un*x, this will not send any information to it, it will simply post the "user is away : %s" message in which %s is asf or a message you have specified as an argument to /away.

This command's basic function is to allow a privleged user to send a message to all users that are connect to the server. To use this, just post the message that you want to send as an argument to /broadcast.

This command is a literal abbreviation of "change directory", used in conjunction with /ls, you can easily navigate the file system on most hotline servers. An argument to /cd can be the directory in relative format, it will processed to resolve to an absolute path.

This command allows a non-secure chat with one or more users connected to the same server. Used in conjunction with /invite, a "private" chat can allow many users to converse without spamming the public chat with their meaningless drivel ;P

This command dumps a list of private chats that the user is in.

This command is used to clear the console or term from chat or errors that are unwanted. This also redraws the status bar in case of broadcast messages or other distractions from background processes.

I dunno, somebody throw something in here!@

This command changes a users nick color if their access file in their account directory has a line that states a value of true for color. An argument passed to /color will have the folowing effect on their userlist color: 

0 = black 
1 = grey 
2 = red 
3 = pink 
4 = ? 
5 = ?

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An argument to this command is passed to your current shell and executed.

uh, this thing finds stuff...I think :D

This command will dump information on a file that is specified in an argument passed to it.

This command is passed directly to the server and has almost nothing to do with the client, it requires hxd. It requires your access file in your account directory to give you the correct privledge by letting visible have a value of true. This will then allow you to not appear in the userlist, although you still appear in private chats and can accomplish all other tasks. By retyping this command, it will have the opposite effect, having you reappear in the userlist. This command is an alias of /visible.

gets the file named in argv

turns on the hal bot if you compiled in hal support

uh, some encryption thingie?

lists the client commands that are enabled

sets current hostname, used by vhosts, multiple IPs

changes your icon

gets info on a specific user

invites a user to a chat you're in

lets you join a private chat after you've been invited

kickx0rs a user

change directory, go to the local directory in argv

creates a link

runs the argv as a script

display local directory

lists the current dir

does the *** thing

created a directory

moves a file

shows the news, or last post....-r to refresh

changes your nick

lets you leave a priv chat

uploads the file pointed to in argv to current dir

show current directory

posts to the gnews

quits hx

removes a file

some crap

yet again some var thingie

some env var thing

I dunno... sound ain't workin on mi box0r

changes the subject of a priv chat