Hacking Hotline Prefs

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Original document can be seen at https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/computing/hotline_info/HL_PREFE.TXT

Hackin' Hotline's Prefs
by       [k]racker box

   A couple of people have asked me about this so I spent fifteen minutes one Saturday and did something about it. Nuff 'ced.
   What I'm hacking here is those four stats you see in About Hotline: Bytes Uploaded, Downloaded, etc.
   Why? Well, I know that after a while if the ration between bytes downloaded and bytes uploaded is huge then Hotline will change your name to '[yourname] needs to upload' or something like that.

                                                                              [k[racker box
The Prefs
   It's in your Preferences folder. Gee, no kidding? Well, get a data fork editor that supports hex editing and also lets you see the offset/position of bytes.
What to hack
   If you're a real wuss and wanna just make sure that you never get your name changed to '[name] needs to upload' then just set the four bytes starting at address C4 in the prefs to 'FFFF FFFF'.
   When I say the address I mean the address/offset of the byte in the Hotline Pref's data fork.

   Bytes Uploaded: This is located in four bytes at the address C4. It's in decimal.
   Bytes Downloaded: Same as Bytes Uploaded but located at address C8.
   Chat: Same as Bytes Uploaded but the address is D0.
   Time Online: If you really wanna edit this you'll need a time-->hexedecimal converter. Hotline takes the long integer in Date format and calulates the amount of time since 1/1/4 in the long integer.

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