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Harris SuperTech 2000

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Now field technicians have the communications infrastructure at their fingertips with the SuperTech 2000 Mobile Communications and Information System. Seamlessly, they can tap into stored information to boost productivity and improve labor deployment efficiency. Open protocols and object-oriented design make it easy to combine hardware and software from any developer or manufacturer. An open platform provides a cost-efficient migration to future technology.

Wired or Wireless Communications Interface

Key to the architecture of the SuperTech 2000 system is its simultaneous use of two wireless networks providing real-time access to locally stored information. The spread-spectrum wireless LAN enables local information transfer with bridging capabilities to wireless WAN link - connecting operations center, central offices and data centers. Interfacing with both voice response systems and portable test equipment, the open system architecture delivers intelligence into the hands of field technicians.

Ruggedized & Weatherized

At the heart of our system is the SuperTech 2000 Craft Digital Assistant (CDA), a ruggedized, custom-designed version of the Newton. It is wrapped in a tougher case and protective rubber boot, fitted with backlighting and a wireless networking capability - and loaded with software to automate phone-line tests and repair tasks. Dispatch, reporting and job-ticket closure are simplified and speeded up.

On-line Help & Tutorials

Expert system software makes it easier for technicians to conduct complex iterative tests and productively use a variety of third-party devices. The CDA automates test procedures, delivers on-line help with step-by-step tutorials, and provides access to the repositories of data, schematics and expertise that were formerly carried by hand or in the head of workers-or were previously inaccessible in the field.

Increased Field & Administrative Efficiency

Our new SuperTech 2000 system is a unique combination of proven Newton technology coupled with our expertise and understanding of the OSP environment, the workflow and practices of today's field technician. The result is improved customer service, increased field and administration efficiency, reduced trouble repeat reports and lower costs.

The SuperTech 2000 system is a real-time, real-world information access and processing system from Harris Network Support Systems, a company with decades of proven experience. Harris maintains on-going partnerships with telephone companies to develop industry standard technician products and expert systems for OSP.

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