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Hercules announces release of Dynamite TNT2 - 06/1999

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FREMONT, CA - June 2, 1999 -- Hercules Computer Technology, Inc. today announced the Hercules Dynamite TNT2, integrating the NVIDIA RIVA TNT2® graphics processor, a 300MHz DAC, and up to 32MB of ultra fast SDRAM.  The Hercules Dynamite TNT2 is the highest performing graphics board in its class, with retail models guaranteed to operate at a blistering 145MHz engine clock and 170MHz memory clock.  Hercules’ superior board design and software support in conjunction with an active cooling fan assures outstanding performance and stability.  For added value, the Hercules HercuMeter overclocking utility will be included for even further performance enhancement.  Initial shipments begin the second week of June, with the 16MB retail model starting as low as $149.99.  The rollout of the Hercules Dynamite TNT2 completes Hercules’ high-end line of graphics accelerators.

The Dynamite TNT2 Family of High-End Graphic Accelerators

1. Hercules Dynamite TNT2 ULTRA
175MHz Engine Clock/200MHz Memory Clock
The Hercules Dynamite TNT2 ULTRA delivers “NO Compromise” maximum performance.  Integrating 32MB of ultra fast memory with the incredible NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 ULTRA® graphics processor, the Hercules Dynamite TNT2 ULTRA is the premier video card for the graphics and gaming enthusiasts.

“The Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra is the fastest video accelerator money can buy, both on the spec sheet and in real world applications.” - Sharky Extreme

D8332U  ULTRA TNT2, 32MB     SRP $229.99
D8332SDU  ULTRA TNT2, 32MB, TV-Out   SRP $245.99
D8332SDU-DVD ULTRA TNT2, 32MB, TV-Out, Soft DVD  SRP $249.99

2. Hercules Dynamite TNT2, 32MB
Guaranteed to operate at 145MHz Engine Clock/170MHz Memory Clock
The Hercules Dynamite TNT2 32MB sets the bar for NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 products, with speedy clock settings and support for high-end 3D features. This board is THE standard for hardcore 3D performance.

D8332SD  TNT2, 32MB, AGP    SRP $199.99
D8332SD-DVD TNT2, 32MB, Soft DVD, AGP   SRP $204.99

3. Hercules Dynamite TNT2, 16MB
Guaranteed to operate at 145MHz Engine Clock/170MHz Memory Clock
The Hercules Dynamite TNT2 16MB is the perfect card for gamers on a budget.  This board provides high-end operating speeds and features at a reduced cost. 

D8316SD  TNT2, 16MB, AGP    SRP $149.99
D8316SD-DVD TNT2, 16MB, Soft DVD, AGP   SRP $154.99

About Hercules Computer Technology
Hercules Computer Technology was founded in 1982 as the innovator of the Hercules Monochrome Graphics Adapter. The Hercules Monochrome Graphics Adapter established the first high-resolution graphics standard for personal computer graphics. Hercules has subsequently produced leading edge graphics adapters based upon TIGA, RISC, and proprietary ASIC technologies.  Since 1992, Hercules has applied the experience gained in the development of high-end industrial graphics solutions to state of the art Windows video accelerator products for the mainstream market.

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