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The Higher Intellect archive has traditionally run with very little user interaction. Part of the network does include our Hotline/KDX chat servers which brought together groups of people for discussion and the rare software archive hosted by the network. If you would like to explore ways of interacting with other people within Higher Intellect, please see below.


The user forums have recently been re-launched on a new software base. From time to time, Higher Intellect administrators will be adding articles to the forums as well as updating previous threads. The forums should be considered the primary point for discussion related to the site and feature several different topic sections including an off topic area. You can find the forums here.


These serve as a daily online chat hangout for some of our legacy members, as the server was originally founded using the Hotline protocol. KDX is a more modern version of the Hotline system though we run both allowing compatibility with older clients and systems. These protocols also allow for the large collection of rare and old software hosted at to be accessed by the public. Files can be freely downloaded and uploaded. For more information and to obtain a copy of the client software, please see the Get Hotline/KDX page.