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Honda CRX B-Series Swap

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This page will feature some information for doing a B-series motor swap into a Honda CRX. This was done specifically using a B18C1 with a B16A head into a 1991 Honda CRX, with a conversion to a hydraulic transmission.

Parts Used

  • Hasport motor mount kit (for hydraulic transmission)
  • Hasport CMA
  • Hasport shift linkage
  • Acura Integra 90-93 clutch cable
  • Honda S2000 clutch master cylinder
  • BLOX S2000 master cylinder adapter plate
  • Megan Racing Integra 94-01 LS exhaust (2 piece)
  • Acura Integra 90-93 radiator with hoses
  • Slim radiator fan (most likely)
  • Acura Integra 90-91 alternator (OBD0 plug)
  • OBD1 P28 ECU with chip kit and GSR basemap
  • OBD0->OBD1 ECU harness adapter
  • 99-00 Civic SiR instrument cluster (electronic speed sensor on hydraulic transmission)
  • 94-01 Integra axles (with ABS rings removed)
  • Hood spacers due to clearance
  • Throttle cable adapter plate (D series to B series)
  • OBD0->OBD1 (or OBD2 depending on setup) distributor harness adapter
  • larger exhaust piping
  • 90-93 Integra rear T mount
  • Del Sol alternator belt (shorter than others)
  • OBD1 fuel injectors with resistor box bypassed
  • Walbro 190lph fuel pump (stock CRX one works but may die faster due to workload)
  • OBD1 era B16 intake manifold (spot for IAC, vacuum lines)
  • OBD1 era throttle body off Integra non-GSR