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Hotline Hackers Handbook

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<<If a squirrel can't break into a nut, then who can?>>
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Title: Hotline Hacker's Handbook
By:    TheSquirrel
Issue: 1

Almost every time I'm on a hotline server I find a folder namned "Hotline". That folder always contain a couple of textphiles about Hotline, the client & server, a couple of hotline tools and the sn#'s for hotline. I've collected every textphile about hotline that I got my hands on and put them in this "handbook (HHH)". This isn't one of this "once a month files", I'll create a new one whenever I feel like it. I'ven't created all this, most of it is copeid and modifyed by me. But I guess its better to have all the files in 1 file. Enough of this crap.

1. What is Hotline?
Hotline is very similar to IRC (and in a way AOL, eww) in that you can chat, transfer files, /msg people, etc. Hotline is a warez haven. Another good thing is that there aren't nearly as many lamers on Hotline as IRC or AOL.

2. What you need to run hotline:
		 ¥ PowerPC or 68k Macintosh/Compatible
     ¥ Must be running Open Transport 1.1 or later
     ¥ Must also be running MacOS 7.5 or later
     ¥ 1 MB of available RAM
     ¥ 600k available free disk space (not including space
     required for Downloads)

If you don't have Hotline GET IT at:
Open Transport can be found at Apple's site.

3. Basic stuff:
Hopefully by now you have installed Hotline. The download folder is where the files you download from Hotline go. (duh) The default toolbar appears when you start Hotline, you can change that later. Go up to the options menu and set your nickname and the icon you want to show up by your name. Now connect to a server by hitting cmd-K ( should be up). You can connect to other servers too, refer to part 6 and 14. The people whose names are in red are people with an admin account on the system. Admins can do a few things that normal users can't, but it really depends on how their account is set up. More on this later. For now just check it out.

4. Things to do on Hotline:
You can do a number of things on Hotline. You can chat (cmd-H). You can transfer files (cmd-F). You can also *IM* or /msg a user, double click on the users name in the "Online User" window, then type in the message to send to him/her. Hotline differs from IRC in that there is only one channel or chat room. Everytime you download something you should queue your downloads. Most admins will kick you off of their server if you do not. You can set this in your options menu. Hotline is very simple to figure out and if you have gotten this far you probably know the newbie stuff.

5. Things not to do on Hotline:
Don't be gay and make your name an option space or pull the null trick and then proceed to flood the chat, this is not AOL and the admin can do something...The admin can and will kick you off the server. Then if he/she has half a brain they will ping the crap out of you. Not so bad huh? WRONG. I have found the admin usually gives everyone your IP address and tells them to ping you also. So everyone online gangs up on you. I have heard that OT is sensitive to the ping of death, so this could be a problem for you. There is a nice little program that will tell you if you are being pinged or not though. It is included with HackAddict. Do not leech. If you download a file upload something in return. Do not download more than one file at a time. (you will usually get kicked off for that)

This leads us into what admins can do that you can't. A FULL admin account has the following access on the server:

Can DL/UL files
Can UL/ anywhere
Can delete files/folders
Can rename files/folders
Can move files/folders
Can comment files/folders
Can create/delete users
Can read users/modify users
Can get user info (ip address etc)
Can disconnect users
Cannot be disconnected
Can read/send chat
Can read/post news
Can use any name/no agreement

Some admins are very nice and will set up an account for you with guest access except you have a few more priveliges, including:

Can disconnect users
Cannot be disconnected
Can get user info (ip address etc)

Though, most admins are not this nice and you have to UL/ a few files to even get an account. If an admin sets you up an account you can log on it by typing in your login and password at the connect window. (cmd-K)

6. What is a tracker?
A tracker is a program that people register their Hotline servers with. This way you can just hit cmd-R and see a nice list of servers that you can connect to. It is kinda like a search engine for Hotline servers. In order for this to work you will need to set a tracker in your options menu. The best tracker
More trackers: (warez tracker)

7. My icon is stupid!
The icons provided with Hotline are gay. You can change your icon by editing Hotline with ResEdit. Create your icon in the cicn resource and give it a unique ID number (say 1234). Open Hotline and hit control-f12, you are brought to a window named Secret. In the first box type"porkgrinder" No quotes. In the second box type your cicn ID number (in this case 1234). From now on hotline will select cicn ID# 1234 to be the icon by your nickname. The Control-F12 keystroke does more than just change your icon. It can also play tricks and other fun things. Here are a few more commands to type in the top box:

Hammeregg, Powertok, Slobberdog, Bonsaiburner

Mosquitogun-immediate logout

Access-turns your nick into bacon and your icon into a pig you can only say oink and pork in the chat.

Jugfish - Announces your "Leech Rating" (Upload/Download Ratio) in the chat.

Bigkahuna -Announces "*** yourname will brb - going to check out
RandomPerson's post to" in the chat.

Fogmaker - Announces "*** yourname will brb - posting to" in the chat. Then it Quits Hotline...

8. News & Chat:
On Hotline it is possible to post/read to a news board. (WoW)

Usually your chat appears as:

User: I am cool

But say you wanted to do actions...If you type "is cool" and then hit OPTION return it will appear as: 

*** User is cool
9. Changing the toolbar:
Personally I hate the toolbar, I find it takes up a bunch of space and it is easier to type key commands to do things anyway. But it is possible to customize the toolbar. There are many custom toolbars at:
Put the toolbar inside the same folder that the Hotline app is in. (Make sure the toolbar is named "toolbar") If you are really interested in wasting your time customizing your own toolbar the following will help you...

Taken from:
(©1997 Hotline Communications)
General Overview
					 A custom toolbar is a "Toolbar" file that you put in the same folder as the Hotline client, and when you start it up, the standard toolbar is gone and replaced with your too cool 3D toolbar or whatever. To make your own toolbar, you'll need ResEdit, Resorcerer, or similiar and something to make the pictures in.

      Toolbar files must be named "Toolbar", and must have the creator code set to "HTLC" and the type code set to "HTtb". You might find it easier to make your own toolbar by modifying an existing one. The Hotline client will use a toolbar when the file is in the same folder as the application.

      The Toolbar file consists of "PICT" resources and one "HPTB" 128 resource. First you need to make a picture ("PICT") of the entire toolbar - how it looks normally. This picture should be the entire content of the Toolbar window. It can be any rectangular shape.

      Next, make individual PICTs of the areas of the toolbar that change when you click on them. For example, if you have a button on your toolbar, the main picture of the entire toolbar shows the button unhilited - as it looks normally.
      You then make a PICT that shows the button (and nothing else)

      Once you've finished making your PICTs, copy them into the Toolbar file and assign them ID numbers. PICT resources must have IDs in the range 1000 to 2000. Use "Get Resource Info" under the "Resource" menu to change the IDs. Mark all of the PICT resources as "purgeable", EXCEPT for the main background one. Mark the main background PICT as "preload" and "locked".

      Next, you need to make a "HPTB" resource. This describes how the toolbar looks and works. There is only one HPTB resource, and it is ID 128. Do NOT make it purgeable. In order to edit the HPTB resource, you need to have the TMPL (template) resource that describes the format of the HPTB resource. To activate the template, either open Hotline and the Toolbar both in ResEdit at the same time, or copy the TMPL resource from Hotline to the Toolbar file.

The HPTB Resource Field-By-Field

Set this field to "HPTB". 
Set this field to 1. 
If this is set to 1, the titlebar on the toolbar window will appear vertically on the left side of the window. If it is set to 0, it will appear at the top as normal. A side titlebar is good for a window that is wider than it is high. 
If this is set to 1, the behavior for "showing" a window gets changed. If the window is hidden, it is shown in front of all others. If the window is visible, it is brought to the front. If it was already at the front, it gets hidden (normally it stays visible). 
It is important that you leave these set to 0. 
The ID of the PICT to draw when Hotline is connected (or 0 for none). 
The rectangle (top,left,bottom,right) in pixels to draw the "connectPict" at. 
The height of the window in pixels. 
The width of the window in pixels. 
The ID of the PICT to draw as the background into the window. This is the main picture - how the toolbar looks normally. 
item bounds
The rectangle (top,left,bottom,right) in pixels that encloses this item. This rectangle is used to determine if the mouse is within the item, and is used to draw the "mDownPict" in the correct location. 
item mDownPict
The ID of the PICT to draw while mouse is down in this item (while the button on the mouse is pressed and located within the bounds of this item). 
item mWithinPict
The ID of the PICT to draw while mouse is in/over this item (while the mouse is located within the bounds of this item). 
item mDownAction
The action to perform when the mouse goes down in this item (when the button on the mouse is pressed and located within the bounds of this item). See "Action Numbers" following for valid values.
item mUpAction
The action to perform when the mouse is released in this item (when the button on the mouse was pressed and has just been released within the bounds of this item). See "Action Numbers" following for valid values. 
item mDownSound
When the button on the mouse is pressed over this item, play the sound ("snd ") of this ID. Note that if you add your own "snd " resources, the IDs must be in the range 1000 to 2000. 
item mUpSound
When the button on the mouse is released over this item, play the sound ("snd ") of this ID. Note that if you add your own "snd " resources, the IDs must be in the range 1000 to 2000. 
item showPicInWin
The ID of the PICT to show in a window with an OK button when this item is clicked. Good for credits etc. 
Normally, the "mDownPict" gets drawn in the item bounds. You can optionally specify a different rectangle here. 
Normally, the "mWithinPict" gets drawn in the item bounds. You can optionally specify a different rectangle here. 

Action Numbers

0 = do nothing 
1 = show options window 
2 = show connect window 
3 = disconnect 
4 = show news window 
5 = show post window 
6 = show chat window 
7 = show files window 
8 = show user list window 
9 = show tasks window 
10 = quit 
11 = show about window 
12 = show new user window 
13 = show open user window 
15 = show tracker window 

Making Faster Smaller PICTs

      First you'll need GraphicConvertor. You can get it from info-mac. Drag the ResEdit file containing the PICTs onto GraphicConvertor and it will let you choose which one you want to edit.

      When you've got the picture open, choose "Minimise Color Table" from the "Picture" and then "Colors" menu. This will not lessen the quality of your picture, but can make it smaller. You may also want to lower the bit depth (eg, "Change to 256 Colors (8-bit)"). This might lessen the quality of your picture.

      When you're done, choose "Save As" from the "File" menu. Select "PICT in resource" as the format. Click on "Options" and select "Standard (RLE)" as the compression (this is much faster to draw than QuickTime compression). Save the PICT and open the file in ResEdit. The PICT 128 resource is the one to use (if there's another, it's the preview).

10. HackinÕ HotlineÕs Prefs
A couple of people have asked me about this so I spent fifteen minutes one Saturday and did something about it. Nuff Õced. What IÕm hacking here is those four stats you see in About Hotline: Bytes Uploaded, Downloaded, etc. Why? Well, I know that after a while if the ration between bytes downloaded and bytes uploaded is huge then Hotline will change your name to Ò[yourname] needs to uploadÓ or something like that.

The Prefs
ItÕs in your Preferences folder. Gee, no kidding? Well, get a data fork editor that supports hex editing and also lets you see the offset/position of bytes.
What to hack
If youÕre a real wuss and wanna just make sure that you never get your name changed to Ò[name] needs to uploadÓ then just set the four bytes starting at address C4 in the prefs to ÒFFFF FFFFÓ. When I say the address I mean the address/offset of the byte in the Hotline Pref's data fork.

  Bytes Uploaded: This is located in four bytes at the address C4. ItÕs in decimal.
  Bytes Downloaded: Same as Bytes Uploaded but located at address C8.
  Chat: Same as Bytes Uploaded but the address is D0.
  Time Online: If you really wanna edit this youÕll need a time-->hexedecimal converter. Hotline takes the long integer in Date format and calulates the amount of time since 1/1/4 in the long integer.																																

11. HotlineÕs Data Fork
I have not spent more than an hour screwing around with the data fork. I have noticed that AOL tools are very similar to Hotlines data fork, in the sense that there is a persistance of the same code in a lot of the procedures. Making it a little easier to understand.

Remembering a HL server's IP address is a pain in the butt. You can easily bookmark a site that you found with a tracker by selecting the site and then clicking the button with the red H on it. If you open the bookmark it will take you to that HL server. You can also find out a site's IP address by opening the bookmark with HexEdit. The IP address clearly appears in the data fork. It is also possible to delete that IP address and put in another one. (so you will have a different bookmark) Just make sure the data fork's size is exactly 460. If the data forks size is over or under 460 it will screw up. You can either add or delete null spaces in the bookmark ( the 00 's).

13. Hotline File Analyzer:
Say you just downloaded 300 HL bookmarks. You will be lucky if 50 of them work. The Hotline file analyzer is useful for checking to see which servers still exist. This way you don't have to manually go through all of them.

14. How do I set up my own HL server?
Thats easy, just get the hotline server software. It can be obtained at:
Look at the README that is provided with the HL server software, it will tell you how to set it up. You can also set up your own tracker, but unless you are rich and have a dedicated line or a static IP it's kinda pointless. You don't need to set up your own tracker to have a HL server.

Hotline F12 commands
shipaspa               same as 'icon'
banligerm             ML$ icon
evynies                ML icon
copperprod           ML icon
bngamya              whirl icon (only with right IP)
anthedge              the red H icon
beertilxx             bacon, pig, chat=pork, etc.
hydrowart           put num [000-999] in bottom box, encrypts -chat, only you and   others using the same number can read each-others chat
cerfsud               disables hard space to soft space - conversion=
fuelharp              tells (in chat) your leeching rate (If >0 - then DL>UL, If <0 then ul>dl)
hoozyurdaddy      bottom box = day-of-month^2A  (plays music ;)
sndbuf                 bottom box = send buffer (in K) (sets send buffer size)
amityizz		         icon=ML$
assitfrok	          icon=ML
pegyxolk		        icon=green-thing
cipohuwa		        icon=yin-yang
saurifaj		          icon=MacOS
porkgrinder		    icon=#
acptrenb		         pseudo=bacon,icon=pig, chat limited to pork and oink
slobberdog	        pseudo=bacon,icon=pig, chat limited to pork and oink
eclyinla		          pseudo=bacon,icon=pig, chat limited to pork and oink
hammeregg		     pseudo=bacon,icon=pig, chat limited to pork and oink
kupfolla              encrypted chat type in a channel from 100-999 in bottom box
oumerzei		        do not change hard-space to soft-space in chat text
lpculors		          checking user's post to alt.../brb, will brb,post to alt...
fogmaker		       will brb, post to alt ... + quit
jugfish			         leeching rate report (>0: dl>ul, <0 ul>dl) 
icon                   icon=# under Banson
onmythnk           icon=hinks whirl
Templeash          blabbermouth under banson

How to use this commands:  Press ctrl + F12 when you're in the hotline application. Always put the 'commad word' in the top field.

Hot Goods on Hotline
A new Internet whiteboard applica tion called Hotline has software developers smoking mad. The application, which is still being tested, will turn any Macintosh computer with an Internet Protocol (IP) address into a temporary server. The company plans to release a PC version soon.

Hotline is intended to increase the effeftiveness of FTP (the protocol for transferring files over the Internet), but critics claim that software pirates are abusing Hotline's advanced FTP capabilities to illegally distribute fonts, applications, and system software.

 The software suite consists of three parts: Hotline client, Hotline server, and  Hotline tracker. Once you install the suite, you can log on to any number of   IP addresses and chat with other users,  exchange files, and join a growing community of warez  users (the nickname Hotline devotees give themselves). For intrepid Internauts, Hotline offers some unique features, such as resumable downloads; you can also engage in real-time chat while downloading, uploading, or even browsing the Web with another applicationÑand all of  these require only I MB of RAM.

The latest version, Hotline 1.2, which  should be available by the time you read this, includes such features as private chat, support for firewalls, and the ability to disconnect and ban users from your server. A number of bug fixes have delivered an improved interface, better performance on high-speed connections, and server-side crash protection. Hotline's developer, Hotline Communications, insists that it can't be held responsible for the misuse of its product. Phil Hilton, public relations director for the start-up, explains how Hotline originator Adam Hinkley conceived the idea for the application: he was downloading  a time-consuming 16-MB demo when his system crashed at 15.9 MB, and he lost the entire file. Hinkley figured there downloads that could be halted or resumed at will. "It's a replacement for archaic FTP protocols,"  says Hilton. "It was never intended as a way to pirate  software." Others don't agree, which became  obvious when the company attended Macworld in Boston. "As we were walking around, a couple of people came up and thanked us for making piracy so easy," says Hilton.

Would-be pirates should think twice: entrapment sites are common, and consequences, including a $10,000 fine for violating software-licensing agreements, can be severe. "It's suicide," warns Hilton. "The software lists your IP address, so people can find out who you are."  [ed. note . commenting files removes this risk!]

 If you have the Hotline client  installed, be sure to check out the following legitimate Hotline sites, where  you can swap software and chat: Ambrosia (hotline:// or, BoffoMac (hotline:// or, Macline (hotline:// or,  MacAddict (hotline:// or, Newton Intelligence (hotline:// or, and the EIASPlatter (hotline://

 Contact: Hotline Communications Ltd., 416-531-7804 or

Taken from December 1997 issue of Publish Magazine USA page 16

Change A Users Name

- MacsBug
- You are running a server


Go into macsbug. type HZ. You should get something like this:

 Heap zones
  #1  Mod        5743K    00002800 to 0059E7AF  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           8K       00007990 to 00009CAF !  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod          48K      000E48F0 to 000F08EF
  #4  Mod       26000K   0059E7B0 to 01F02B9F  Process Manager zone
  #5  Mod         987K     01760250 to 01856E4F  ÒSimpleTextÓ
  #6  Mod        1259K    0185E260 to 0199915F  ÒHotline Server 1.2.1 PPCÓ
  #7  Mod        1515K    019A9270 to 01B2416F  ÒHotline Client 2Ó
  #8  Mod        1003K    01B34280 to 01C2F17F  ÒSimpleSoundÓ
  #9 Mod         891K      01E104F0 to 01EEF3EF    ÒFinderÓ

Then type the following. NOTE: the colored code will be different each time. You can get the new one by looking in the Heap Zone.  f 0185E260 (1k*#1259) 'name of HL user'1259K. Press enter, you should get something like: Searching for 'unnamed' from 0185E260 to 01998E5F 018738D1  756E 6E61 6D65 6400  0000 0000 0000 0000  unnamed Then type: sm  018738D1 'new name of HL user'. Remember the brown code will change each time. If all goes well you should see something like: Memory set starting at 018738D1. RETURN TO HL

Hotline Name Spoofing
1: Type in the F12 "cerfsud", go into Options and save
2: your name
	  person who is being spoofed
3: Follow this chart:
          guest: "i type something"--then press the space bar until the end of the first line->
to get to the second line, now press opt-space bar until you line up the persons name

Now make the person who is being spoofed say something you want�

          guest: "i type something"--then press the space bar until the end of the first line->
------->DOH: blah blah blah

Important note:
Always remember it's 13 spaces between the border of the chat window and the ':'. It's also 2 spaces between the ':' and the first word. Sure, this is a fun thing to do but 99% of all admins know about this and they'll cought you within 2 sec. Its kinda fun the 4 first times, until you get banned & lose your account. Its also damn old. Here's another old trick:

¥ Tell everybody about the new 'Quake hotline'.
¥ Tell them to press ctrl-F12
¥ Tell them to holddown commad and write 'Quake' in the top field.

 They'll get disconnected if the do it. Try to figure out why.

Wanna use hotline for more then 15 min and you dont have $40?
Client 1.2.x
Name: TheSquirrel HHH

Server 1.2.x
Name: TheSquirrel HHH

NetScrawl 1.0.x
Name: TheSquirrel 

Hotline tips & tricks

It's considerate to queue your file transfers. By holding shift when you click to transfer a file, you'll add it to the queue of files waiting to transfer. Only one file will transfer at a time and the rest of the files will continue to transfer in order one after the other. A better way to ensure queueing your transfers is to check the 'Queue File Transfers' box in the Options dialog. NOTE: many Hotline server administrators will kick you off of their server if you do not queue.

If your transfer seems slow or hung, open the files window and hit the refresh button (with the two green arrows.) For some reason, this seems to 'jumpstart' the transfer for a while. Repeat as needed.


If you change 'Your Name' in the Options dialog, the change will be announced in the Chat window. 

Example: <<< Einous Boy  is now known as Einous Boy (having a smoke)  >>>

For a feature similar to the /msg (<- is that right?) on IRC, hold Option when you press return to send your chat message. It changes this:

  Einous Boy :  finishes his apple cider
to this:
 *** Einous Boy  finishes his apple cider
The 'Secret' dialog:

Pressing ctrl-F12 brings up a dialog with two short text fields and the name 'Secret' 

Enter 'fogmaker' in the first field and the chat window will announce:
<something about posting to or something> then after seven or eight seconds your Hotline client will quit.

Enter 'jugfish' in the first field and the chat window will annouce:
*** Einous Boy  announces his LEECH RATING >>>> 2

Enter 'access' in the first field and:
The chat window will announce <<< Einous Boy  is now known as Bacon >>>
Your icon will change to a pig
When you try to chat you will only say "pork" or "oink."
You will have to quit the client and re-launch it to use your regular name and icon.

If you press control-f12 and type 'powertok' in the top box and a number in the bottom box, and I do the same thing with the same number, our chat becomes encrypted in the chat window so only we can read it.

hammeregg-In the first box type hammeregg and type the icon  res id you want in the second box (i.e. use resedit to find the res id) you can use other icons they have this way.

Other undocumented features:  if a file named "User Icons" is in the same folder as Hotline, this file will be opened and the "cicn" icons in it will be made available as user list icons:

Open the cicn file and note the ID#  of the icon you like
Close it!!!!!
Use CTRL-F12 to get the secret window
Type hammeregg in the top and ID# in the bottom
Voila! You now will have your own custom icon for the HL world to see!

In the Online Users window, pressing command - downarrow will drop you to the last user on the window!

>Is there anyway to delay the enabling of the OK button on personal
>messages? I can't count the times I'll be chatting and hit return to
>post a chat just as a IM comes up and dismiss it before I can read it.

A pause would be cool.... but heres the deal.....  If you set private msg's
to be shown at back, all you have to do is press F9 to bring them to the
front. (of course you poor souls with no F keys are still screwed.. GET A

That's about it. And remember: Keep on hackin' no matter what. Don't let anyone or anything stop you.

- The Squirrel [[email protected]]