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Corporate Development Manager Jason Roks on Conference Panel

by David Murphy <>, January 4, 1998
Hotline Communications Limited, <>, will be 
exhibiting at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, California, from 
January 6th through 9th, 1998, in the  Developer Central Pavilion, North 
Hall. In addition, Jason Roks, Corporate Development manager, will be on 
the panel of "Choosing and Using Tools for the Coolest Web site!", 
Concurrent Session C-13. Hotline Communications is very pleased to have 
these opportunities to meet with many of its loyal customers.

For over a year, Hotline Communications has successfully functioned 
"virtually", using its own "Hotline" Internet software. (It is only 
recently that an actual, physical Headquarters was established, in 
Toronto.) Clearly, with the right communications tools - the Hotline 
Client and Server - virtual offices are possible.

Since its introduction in late 1996, this Hotline Suite has rapidly 
gained the respect and admiration of hundreds of users spanning the 
globe. Featured in publications such as MacWeek (USA), Publish (USA), 
MacWorld (Sweden), MacWorld (France), Net Professional (USA), MacUser 
(UK/Ireland), MacUser (Australia), Mac Mania (Brazil), Apple Wizards 
(USA), MacZine (Italy), PC Quest (India), Mac Addict Online (USA), and 
literary many others, Hotline has gained an enormous international 
following. The winner of Macworld Sweden's Golden Musen Award (Best in 
Category - Software Innovation), and 4.5 stars from MacUser (UK), the 
Hotline Suite has been heralded by the Cyberian Outpost's BetaNet 
( as "a great suite of Internet software... 
perhaps one of the most exciting and innovative Mac products we've seen 
this year."

Robert Z. Pearlman, On-Line Manager for the National Space Society 
( says, "Hotline for Macintosh is an excellent piece 
of software that provides another 'killer app' for the superior platform. 
Not only does the program fill the need for a chat/ftp utility, but it 
also separates itself from the established IRC by making full use of 
MacOS features to make the program easy to use for any semi-experienced 
Macintosh user. With established Macintosh community leaders, such as 
Ambrosia and MacAddict, and budding new ones, such as MacLine, Hotline 
has provided an excellent opportunity for the Mac community to unite." 
The  introduction of Hotline for the PC at the Comdex trade show opened 
the wonders of the Hotline community to PC users, too.

Whether you are Hotline's biggest fan or are simply curious about it, 
Hotline Communications invites you to visit its booth in the MacWorld 
Expo's Developer Central Pavilion inside San Francisco's Moscone Center.  
Meet with members of the enthusiastic crew from Australia, Canada, and 
the United States, and find out about the latest buzz coming out of the 
company. Attendees will want to be sure to ask about "NetScrawl", Hotline 
Communications' revolutionary new "MacPaint for the internet."

Hotline Communications Ltd. may be setting up a special tracker of 
Hotline servers at the MacWorld Expo. Interested exhibitors should 
contact Jason Roks as soon as possible at: <>. More 
information will be posted to the official Hotline Communications server 
<hotline://> as it becomes available.


Hotline Communications grew out of the efforts of Adam Hinkley of 
Melbourne, Australia, in the fall of 1996. Adam's vision was to provide 
an easy-to-use method for Internet communications - simple enough for a 
novice to understand, while at the same time, powerful enough to impress 
more seasoned users. In addition to this noble undertaking, Adam bucked 
the current trends of bloatware by developing Hotline's programs with a 
footprint small enough to run comfortably in less than two megabytes of 
RAM. "I'm happy to say that all Hotline products fully meet and EXCEED 
that goal!" says Mr. Hinkley.

Adam's convictions come from his recognition of impending change; 
existing technology is no barrier to him. It is difficult to believe that 
since the World Wide Web's inception in 1989, there have been few 
significant Internet facilitators (other than an overworked HTML and a 
currently unpredictable Java). This lack of technology has left the door 
open for many innovators to present their creations.

Rather than cripple his software to comply with backward compatibility 
issues, Adam developed and incorporated new, cutting-edge proprietary 
protocols. These protocols have proven themselves to be lean and fast, 
making them future standards for the Internet. Users report that the 
Hotline Protocol is much faster, more stable, and much easier to use than 
the File Transfer Protocol and Internet Relay Chat, which are the 
long-standing reigns in their fields.

In January of 1997, enthusiastic members of the Hotline community formed 
"The Evangelistic Hotline Public Relations and Marketing Team" to help 
spread the word, and to propel Adam's innovative vision to the next 
level. After a few weeks, this team joined Adam as the founders of 
Hotline Communications. Today, Hotline Communications Ltd. enters the 
software industry in full stride, ready to demonstrate the impressive 
benefits of its alternate vision for networking and virtual 
communications. In particular, Hotline Communications is determined to 
fight the conception that quality communication has to come with extreme 
costs, platform incompatibilities, and outrageous hardware requirements.

Be part of the action by visiting Hotline Communications at the MacWorld 
San Francisco Developer Central Pavilion in the Moscone Center.

More information about the Macworld Expo, which  runs from January 5-9, 
1998 in San Francisco, California, is available at 

Hotline Communications will be in the Moscone Convention Center's North 
Hall, exhibiting in the Developer Central Pavilion. Jason Roks will be on 
the panel of Conference Session 13, "Choosing and Using Tools for the 
Coolest Web site!" The session runs from 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM, Wednesday 
January 7th. "The state-of-the-art tools for making your Website stand 
out are changing fast, with new tools being released every day. Surprises 
will fill this session, focusing on the newest and most innovative 
third-generation tools to help you in your quest to build the world's 
coolest Website."

See you there! =)>



Hotline Servers: hotline://, hotline://

Tel: (416) 531-7804
67 Mowat Avenue, Studio 548
Toronto, ON M6K 3E3 Canada

Media Relations: David Murphy <>
Business Development: Jason Roks <>

"There is MORE than the web!"

Copyright 1998 Hotline Communications, Ltd. All trademarks listed are the 
property of their respective companies, and are referred to for reference 
purposes only.

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       : Macworld Expo SF98! :<>:
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       : in the Moscone Center, Dev. Central Pavilion :

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