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Hotline Secret Functions 3.0
by riDD

Hotline Ctrl-F12 Functions

Locked Icons:

banligerm------------Macline ML$ Icon
bngamya--------------Hinks Icon
evynies--------------Macline Icon
copperprod-----------Macline Icon
anthedge-------------"H" Red Icon
hydrowart -----------Chat encryption. In bottom type a channel [#000-999]
cerfsud -------------Disable hard to soft space conversion. Used for name spoofing
fuelharp ------------leeching rating report
hoozyurdaddy --------secret song (+number in bottom)
sndbuf --------------sets send buffer size (in K)

Cmd-Click on URLs opens the URL (uses InternetConfig)
In Chat, hit Opt-Return (Numeric keypad) to announce something. (Three stars messages).


Change A Users Name


- MacsBug
- You are running a server


Go into macsbug. type HZ.

You should get something like this:

 Heap zones
  #1  Mod        5743K    00002800 to 0059E7AF  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           8K    00007990 to 00009CAF !  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod          48K    000E48F0 to 000F08EF
  #4  Mod       26000K    0059E7B0 to 01F02B9F  Process Manager zone
  #5  Mod         987K    01760250 to 01856E4F  زSimpleTextس
  #6  Mod        1259K   0185E260 to 0199915F  زHotline Server 1.2.1 PPCس
  #7  Mod        1515K    019A9270 to 01B2416F  زHotline Client 2س
  #8  Mod        1003K    01B34280 to 01C2F17F  زSimpleSoundس
  #9 Mod         891K     01E104F0 to 01EEF3EF  زFinderس

Then type the following. NOTE: the colored code will be different each time. You can get the new one by looking in the Heap Zone.

f 0185E260 (1k*#1259) 'name of HL user'

Press enter, you should get something like:

Searching for 'unnamed' from 0185E260 to 01998E5F
  018738D1  756E 6E61 6D65 6400  0000 0000 0000 0000  unnamed¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥

then type:

sm  018738D1 'new name of HL user'

Remember the brown code will change each time. If all goes well you should see something like:

Memory set starting at 018738D1



Hotline Name Spoofing

1: Type in the F12 "cerfsud", go into Options and save

2: your name---------------------------red
	  person who is being spoofed---------green

3: Follow this chart:

							riDD: "i type something"--then press the space bar until the end of the first line->
to get to the second line, now press opt-space bar until you line up the persons name

Now make the person who is being spoofed say something you want�

       riDD: "i type something"--then press the space bar until the end of the first line->
------->joe: blah blah blah


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