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Hotline Tips and Tricks

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・・ Hotline tips & tricks:

・ Transfers:

It's considerate to queue your file transfers. By holding shift when you click to transfer a file, you'll add it to the queue of files waiting to transfer. Only one file will transfer at a time and the rest of the files will continue to transfer in order one after the other. A better way to ensure queueing your transfers is to check the 'Queue File Transfers' box in the Options dialog. NOTE: many Hotline server administrators will kick you off of their server if you do not queue.

If your transfer seems slow or hung, open the files window and hit the refresh button (with the two green arrows.) For some reason, this seems to 'jumpstart' the transfer for a while. Repeat as needed.

・ Chat:

If you change 'Your Name' in the Options dialog, the change will be announced in the Chat window. 

Example: <<< Einous Boy  is now known as Einous Boy (having a smoke)  >>>

For a feature similar to the /msg (<- is that right?) on IRC, hold Option when you press return to send your chat message. It changes this:

  Einous Boy :  finishes his apple cider
to this:
 *** Einous Boy  finishes his apple cider
・ The 'Secret' dialog:

Pressing ctrl-F12 brings up a dialog with two short text fields and the name 'Secret' 

Enter 'fogmaker' in the first field and the chat window will announce:
<something about posting to or something> then after seven or eight seconds your Hotline client will quit.

Enter 'jugfish' in the first field and the chat window will annouce:
*** Einous Boy  announces his LEECH RATING >>>> 2

Enter 'access' in the first field and:
The chat window will announce <<< Einous Boy  is now known as Bacon >>>
Your icon will change to a pig
When you try to chat you will only say "pork" or "oink."
You will have to quit the client and re-launch it to use your regular name and icon.

If you press control-f12 and type 'powertok' in the top box and a number in the bottom box, and I do the same thing with the same number, our chat becomes encrypted in the chat window so only we can read it.

hammeregg-In the first box type hammeregg and type the icon  res id you want in the second box (i.e. use resedit to find the res id) you can use other icons they have this way.

・ Other undocumented features:  if a file named "User Icons" is in the same folder as Hotline, this file will be opened and the "cicn" icons in it will be made available as user list icons:

Open the cicn file and note the ID#  of the icon you like
Close it!!!!!
Use CTRL-F12 to get the secret window
Type hammeregg in the top and ID# in the bottom
Voila! You now will have your own custom icon for the HL world to see!

In the Online Users window, pressing command - downarrow will drop you to the last user on the window!

>Is there anyway to delay the enabling of the OK button on personal
>messages? I can't count the times I'll be chatting and hit return to
>post a chat just as a IM comes up and dismiss it before I can read it.

A pause would be cool.... but heres the deal.....  If you set private msg's
to be shown at back, all you have to do is press F9 to bring them to the
front. (of course you poor souls with no F keys are still screwed.. GET A

I know that there is a way to access different icons hidden inside the Hotline resources, such as a VW logo. If anyone knows how to do this or anything else undocumented with the Hotline programs please email me at [email protected]!

The tip of the day

    Make a copy of Hotline Client application and keep it in your Hotline Client 1.1b20 folder. Open Hotline Client 1.1b20  with Resorcerer. Then open the Data Fork. Do a search for "Hotline Prefs" then change "Hotline Prefs" to "Hotline Pref2" and then save. When you open Hotline Client you will see another Pref file named Hotline Pref2 in your system folder. This way you can have more than one Hotline application and have muli traker#'s open at the same time. There can be as many as you want just do not change the amount of letters in "Hotline Prefs" just change the name.