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How to convert a Turbo system to use ADB

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If ADB equipment are used with older NeXT systems they won't work properly. Here are the ADB requirements:
-A Turbo computer.
-CPU eprom version 74.
-New revision computer to soundbox/monitor cable.

The part number is molded at both ends of the connector:

        Cable                   NEW             OLD (Non ADB)
        NeXTcube                4534            150
        NeXTstation             4535            1532
        NeXTstation color       4536            2286

New revision monitor which uses a vertical scan rate of 72hz instead of 68hz, except on NeXTdimension systems color monitor stays 68hz.

        Monitor         NEW (72hz)      OLD (68hz)
        17" mono        ACX (N4000b)    AAA (N4000a \& N4000)
        17" color       ADF (N4006)     ABG (N4001)
        21" color       ADB (N4005a)    ABH (N4005)

ADB soundbox for color systems. S/N prefix ADD instead of ABN.