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HyperCard Resources

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There are many outside resources that you can use to supplement your knowledge of the HyperCard software. We have listed some of them here for your convenience. (Note: The listing of third-party publications in this document does not imply Apple's endorsement of these products.)

The Apple HyperCard User Group

The Apple HyperCard User Group (AHUG) has been created to provide users and developers with educational, technical, and practical information about HyperCard. It is also an excellent way for Apple to get feedback from its HyperCard users.

As a member of AHUG, you will receive three newsletters; Windoid which has a technical focus; AHUGNews which has an informational focus; and HyperCard Update which has a marketing focus. Access to STAKTrak, a networking system that includes the STAKTrack HyperCard Library Exchange, HyperCard Resource Listings, and General News Listings, will also be provided. Local and national AHUG meetings will be held as the organization evolves; HyperCard training will be offered through those groups. Membership dues are $10 per year.

HyperCard Documentation and Tools Available from APDA

  • HyperCard Stack Design Guidelines - A must for all developers, this book describes Apple's guidelines for designing effective HyperCard stacks.
  • HyperCard Script Language Guide - This document is valuable if you are interested in writing HyperTalk or developing stacks. (Also sold as a bound book, published by Addison-Wesley)
  • HyperCard Videodisc Toolkit - A two-disk set that includes all the software you need to start using and creating HyperCard videodisc applications. To use this Toolkit, you'll need a Macintosh with a least 1 megabyte of RAM, Macintosh system software, Version 4.2 or later, and HyperCard.
  • HyperCard AppleTalk Toolkit - Provides everything you need to use the AppleTalk Transaction Protocol and AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol from HyperCard. It includes a set of XCMDs and XFCNs that extend HyperCard to allow access to these facilities. It also includes the source code for the XCMDs and XFCNs. This code will serve as an example if you want to write your own XCMDs and as a starting point if you want to build more sophisticated AppleTalk access. (Note: This version of the To olkit does not support zones, so all HyperCard stations must be in the same zone. Future versions of the Toolkit may add zone support.)
  • HyperCard CD Audio Toolkit - A set of extensions designed to give HyperCard users random access to audio tracks on any CD. This toolkit comes with sample stacks, example CD control buttons, sound button, and a toolkit documentation stack. The controller and XCMD Installer stack gives you direct control of CD audio tracks from within HypetCard.
  • HyperSource Toolkit - Contains a HyperCard stack that automates the creation of graphic databases via HyperCard. With this toolkit you can preview, open copy or print a graphic without needing the application that created the file.
  • HyperCard Serial Toolkit - Contains everything you need to access the serial ports of your Macintosh computer from HyperCard. Besides the XCMDs and XFCNs needed, the toolkit provides a complete set of documentation and full source code for the XCMDs and XFCNs.
  • HyperCard Developer's Toolkit - Contains the HyperCard Stack Design GuideĀ­lines, a disk with documentation on writing XCMDs and XFCNs, interfaces for XCMDs, sample XCMDs, examples of stacks that use XCMD resources, videodisc drivers, and sound resources.
  • ResCopy - ResCopy is a HyperCard XCMD developed by Apple to move icons, sounds, XCMDs, XFCNs, cursors and other Macintosh resources files. When used manually it has an interface like the Font/DA mover, but it may also be used transparently under HyperTalk script control.

If any of the source code from these toolkits is to be used in a product for resale, a license must first be obtained from the Apple Software licensing Group.

Books on HyperCard

  • Compute's Quick and Easy Guide to HyperCard
  • XCMDs for HyperCard
  • Applied HyperCard: Developing and Marketing Superior Stackware
  • HyperTalk and External Commands, A Pocket Reference
  • The Complete HyperCard Handbook
  • Understanding HyperCard
  • HyperCard Power: Techniques and Scripts
  • HyperCard Illustrated
  • HyperCard: The Complete Reference
  • HyperCard Made Easy
  • Using Macintosh HyperCard and MultiFinder
  • HyperTalk Programming
  • HyperTalk Programmer's Guide
  • Concise Guide to HyperTalk
  • Running HyperCard with HyperTalk
  • Using HyperCard: From Home to HyperTalk
  • The HyperTalk Bible: Programming with HyperCard
  • Tricks of the HyperTalk Masters
  • Mastering HyperTalk

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