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Does anyone know the source of a IDE to SCSI? The 8 GB SCSI drive in my SGI Indy is getting hot and running out of space and I would like to upgrade to an 80 GB IDE disk.


What you want is the Acard ARS-2000FU, available a number of places including

Acard [1] builds several IDE-SCSI-converteres (Ultra-, Ultra-Wide-SCSI and so on). These helped me a lot in old Unix- and Macintosh-machines.

Just a hint: ACARD AEC 7722 (LVD) works great with Octane (Cardcage & Qlogic 1080 LVD controller and also with the onboard external SCSI controller) and Pioneer DVR-110

It appears that Acard brand still is the only manufacturer of reasonably affordable IDE/SCS converters.

For an IDE disk upgrade in an Indy you must buy the Acard converter variant that is integrated into a 3.5 inch metal frame. The cheaper, plain PCB variant doesn't fit without using violence.