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                                                                                                                                   Version 2.0 



 NOTE  -


 & is meant for novices and inspiring hackers and phreakers who are looking 

 for help. If you have any info that would be beneficial please call The 

 Great Lakes BBS (815) 728-0931 which is running a First Class BBS software 

 for either Mac or PC. Just download the client software calling up as a 

 regular telecom user. Access to all areas of this BBS are always FREE ! 

 plenty of hack & pyro files !


 * - a newsletter or magazine publishing group.

 % - a club / organization.

 # - a club / organization that puts out a newsletter.

 ? - not enough info



 Name: International Network of Crackers (INC)            

 Location: NA                         

 Contact Site: NA

 Members: Ice Man

 Notes: Nothing really known except they have done some game cracks in files.



 Name: CRASH - Consortium of Renegade Anarchists, Sociopaths, and Hackers 

 Location: NA

 Contact Site: WHQ site (Plasma Suicide - 910\423-4169).

 Members: Morphine Dream, Golgo 13, Kissel Factor

 Notes: CRASH - the name of a magazine. 



 Name: Chaos Industries (CHAOS)

 Location: Chicago, Illinois

 Contact Site: BOX 438, 71 E. 32nd St. Chicago, IL 60616  

 Members: Vlad Tepes

 Notes: They published the famous Anarchists Handbook but nothing else known.



 Name: 40Hex

 Location: New City, New York

 Contact Site: Internet E-Mail - [email protected]  

                      Address - Hex Magazine

                       PO Box 252

                       New City, NY, 10956

 Members: Dark Angel, GHeap, Demogorgon, Phalcon, Skism, Leni Niles,  

                  FirstStrike, Hellraiser, DecimatoR  

 Notes: Popular underground virus magazine. Leni Niles is the co-editor of 

        the hard copy publications.



 Name: Youngsters Against McAafee (YAM)

 Location: Canada (Ontario)

 Contact Site: NA

 Members: Death Angel, Admiral Bailey, 

 Notes: A group of virus writers.



 Name:  VDV (Verband Deutscher Virenliebhaber)

 Location: Germany

 Contact Site: NA

 Members: NA

 Notes: A German virus writing group. They put together a program for making




 Name: 2600

 Location: New York City, NY

 Contact Site: 2600, box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953

 Members: Knight Lightning, Taran King, Emmanuel Goldstein 

 Notes: A very popular hacking magazine. Emmanuel Goldstein is the editor.



 Name: Association of Really Cruel Viruses (ARCV).

 Location: Britian

 Contact Site: NA

 Members: Apache Warrior, Ice-9,

 Notes: Apache Warrior is the president of the group. They recently got 

        busted by Scotland Yard and all 6 members were arrested.



 Name: TAP

 Location: New York, NY

 Contact Site: Room 603

               147 West 42nd street

               New York, NY 10036

 Members: NA

 Notes: TAP is the "official" phone phreak newsletter, and has existed since 




 Name: Atlantic Anarchist Guild (AAG)

 Location: NA

 Contact Site: NA

 Members: One Farad Cap, 

 Notes: Not a lot of info on this group.



 Name: 3rd Cartel

 Location: Georgia, Atlanta/Rome Area

 Contact Site: BBS- The Wanderjahr [404] 998-5676  

 Members: NA

 Notes: This group has some link or association with the Underground 

        Information Service (no current info)



 Name: Legion of Doom/Legion of Hackers (LOD/H)

 Location: Texas, Austin area.

 Contact Site: 512/441-3088

 Members: The Mentor, Lex Luthor

 Notes: This group is in association with or in relation to Phoenix Project

             Productions which copyrighted some of their material.  Club is possibly

             out of "buisness" due to arrests.



 Name: The Mickey Mouse Club - Hackers Unlimited Magazine

 Location: Colorado, Denver\Boulder area   -   (303) area code is all known

 Contact Site: Voice Mail Box: 1-800-444-7073 Box 4001

 Members: (and people who's articles were submitted) The Dark Lord, 

          Cardiac Arrest, Psycho Bear, Fallen Angel, Midnight Caller, Mentor 

  Notes: Dark Lord and Cardiac Arrest are the editors of the magazine called 

             Hackers Unlimited.



 Name: National Security Anarchists (NSA)

 Location: Arizona

 Contact Site: BBS- Frayed Ends of Sanity Unix System  602/861+3167 

 Members: Mind Rape, Dark Druid, I-Shence-Master, Mind Rape, A.O.D., 

                  Dead Addict, Mobius Drux, Mci Sprinter, The Serpent  

 Notes: They publish a magazine which they have copyrighted. Mind Rape

             is the editor.     



 Name: Phrack Magazine                                 

 Location: Austin, TX

 Contact Site: Address - Phrack Magazine

                         603 W. 13th #1A-278

                         Austin, TX 78701

               WWW -   

               E-mail Address - [email protected]   

               America Online - phrackmag             

               FTP -  /pub/phrack                   

 Members:(or submitters) Erik Bloodaxe (aka Chris Goggans) ,Ice-9, 

         Datastream Cowboy, Jane March, Szechuan Death, Carl Corey, 

         The Shining, Dcypher, Hitman Italy, Herd Beast, Dr. Delam, 

         Maldoror, The Red Skull, PsychoSpy, Seven Up, Erudite, Ice Jey

 Notes: This is a magazine for any computer hobbyist and is very easy

        to get.  



 Name: The Journal Of American Underground Computing - ISSN 1074-3111

 Location: NA

 Contact Site: Subscription Requests : [email protected]

               Comments to Editors : [email protected]

               Back issues-Ftp : /pub/Zines/JAUC


               Submissions : [email protected]

               Finger info : [email protected] and [email protected]

 Members: NA

 Notes: free subscription, Published Quarterly/Semi-Quarterly 

        By Fennec Information Systems



 Name: Computer Underground Digest (CUD) 

 Location: Deklab, IL (Northern Illinois University)

 Contact Site: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer ([email protected])

               subscribe- [email protected]\[email protected]

               voice (815-753-0303), fax (815-753-6302)

               U.S. mail at:  Jim Thomas, Department of Sociology, NIU, 

               DeKalb, IL, 60115, USA.

               Usenet newsgroup: 

 Members: Jim Thomas, Gordon Meyer,  Brendan Kehoe, Stanton McCandlish,

          Dan Carosone, Paul Southworth, Ralph Sims, Jyrki Kuoppala, 

          Ian Dickinson, Etaoian Shrdlu 

 Notes: ISSN 1004-042X,Cu-Digest is a weekly electronic journal/newsletter. 

        Subscriptions are available at no cost electronically. Copies can 

        be found on Delphi, Compuserve and America Online.



 Name:  Computer Anarchists Underground (CAU)

 Location: Texas, Houston area

 Contact Site: Usenet - [email protected]

                  BBS - South of Heaven......[713]464-9013   

                        ACiD CULT............[713]343-1342                                        

                        Brain Damage.........[819]778-0454                      

 Members: M.C. Allah, Chillin, Battery,

 Notes: They have a magazine type thing that is about bombs and explosives.



 Name: Pirates X-Press Magazine  ( P.X.S.)

 Location: Canada-Ontario, London area (519 Area Code)

 Contact Site: BBS - Ground Zero......(Relay Point)  Renegade  519/352-3708

                                 Sonic Earth.................  Renegade   519/676-7368

 Members: Grand Messiah, Arch Angel, Powdered Toast Man, Beowulf

                  Impaled Nazerene, The Dark Phoenix

 Notes: This magazine deals with BBS's, warez and a little hacking.



 Name: GRaP/H (Gainesville Regional Association of Phreakers and Hackers)

 Location: Gainesville, FL

 Contact Site: The Loop on 13th Street (1st + 3rd Saturday of the month, 4pm)

 Members: NA 

 Notes: A club for Flordia hackers.



 Name: The Journal Of American Underground Computing  (TJOAUC)

 Location: Austin, Texas

 Contact Site:  To subscribe to "TJOAUC", send mail to:     [email protected]

                       All questions/comments about this publication to:    [email protected]

                       Send all articles/info that you want published to:   [email protected]

                       Mail to all of the editors of the magazine:  [email protected]

                       FTP site:    /pub/Zines/JAUC 

                       U.S. Mail:

                       The Journal Of American Underground Computing 

                       10111 N. Lamar #25

                       Austin, Texas 78753

 Members: Editor-in-Chief: Scott Davis ([email protected])

                 NetSurfer: John Logan

                 Technology Editor: Max Mednick ([email protected])

                 Consipracy Editor: Gordon Fagan  ([email protected])

                 Network Security: George Phillips  ([email protected])

 Notes: published quarterly,



 Name: NuKE 

 Location: Montreal, Canada  (516)

 Contact Site: NA

 Members: NA

 Notes: primarily now a virus group, have put out hacking files.



  Name: Chaos Computer Club (CCC) 

  Location: Germany

  Contact Site: NA

  Members: NA

  Notes: Have put out publications like Hackerbibel and Datenschleuder, lately have

             trying to get away from their former criminal image. 


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